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Tararua Tramping Club Youth Programme

The TTC has a long history of adventure in the outdoors: Tramping, Rock Climbing, Skiing, Mountaineering, Biking, Canoeing, Family trips, etc. The club is dedicated to introducing new club members to these sports, and due to this has decided to run a youth programme specifically to introduce young people to some of these sports. The sports covered in the programme are:

If you are between the ages of 13 to 24 you are encouraged to join the programme. You can decide if you want to participate in one or all of the sports within the programme.

For Tramping and Rock Climbing the club will guide and instruct programme students via a series of activities which will be run by experienced people and at times by professional instructors. For any questions regarding the TTC Youth Group please contact the Youth Group Covenor Bharat Pancha -> mailto:youth [period] programme [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on 027 313 0130

Following is the programme's activities:


Stage 1: Tararua Trips

Participants normally choose where they want to tramp, this is done either via txt, email, Facebook or at Fergs where we meet every Tuesday around 4:30. So if you have a tramp in mind feel free to say where you want to tramp.

Potential Tramps ideas:

  • Waitewaewae - E/M
  • Totara Flats - E
  • Roaring Stag - E
  • Cow Creek - M
  • Te Matawai - M
  • Jumbo-Holdsworth - M
  • Southern Crossing - M
  • Waerenga - E
  • Herapai - E
  • Tutuwai - E/M
  • Mitre Flats - E/M
  • Mangahao Flats - E/M

For up and coming trips see Trips Schedule

The trips listed are a range of easy(E) and medium(M) tramps. Easy means that little tramping fitness is required to enjoy the tramp. Medium means some fitness is required to enjoy the tramp. Fit means you need to be very fit and can tramp for hours. For more detail on these categories and other information see trip stuff. The trips are also a mixture of valley and tops tramps. While on trips the instructors teach at least one tramping skill.

For standard details on tramping trips see the trip information sheet.

Stage 2: Club Trips

In the programme we sometimes join trips within the club

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Rock Climbing:

The climbing group meets at Fergs every Tuesday from 4:30 to 7:00. So feel free to turn up. Ferg's staff can point you at our group, just ask.

Stage 1: Starting

  • Top roping at Fergs every Tuesday
  • Climbing course run by Fergs climbing (8 lessons, calls, anchors, belaying, abseil and sport climbing)
  • Post Fergs course sport climbing and evaluation

Stage 2: Outside Rock Climbing

Participants should pass Fergs climbing course evaluation to be able to fully enjoy these trips. Participants must have top roped and abseiled to go on these trips. No training is required to go on the Baring Head trips. The students also self-organise climbing at Fergs and Freyberg pool at other times of the week.

The last trip was to Paynes Ford

For up and coming trips see our Trips Schedule

Within the programme the club will provide climbing gear with the exception of climbing shoes.

Stage 3: Trips within the club

Climbing Training Tips

Scheduled Trips

All the youth club trips can be found on this youthgroup Facebook link

If you don't want to be part of Facebook then you can get the information by joining the TTC Tramping and Climbing group

We also have a Discord application Youth Programme group. If you want to join the group, please email the Youth Programme coordinator list below.

For any questions on the trips in the list please contact Bharat Pancha -> mailto:youth [period] programme [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on 027 313 0130.

Joining the Youth Programme

If you want to see if the programme is for you, come along for up to two trips. After this and you are still interested, you will be expected to join the programme. You must be a club member to join the programme and be under 25. If your parent/s or caregiver/s are club members and you are under 18 then you are already a member of the TTC.

If you are interested in being part of the programme join the club and contact Bharat Pancha -> mailto:youth [period] programme [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on 027 313 0130.

Prior to joining the club and the programme you will need your parents/caregiver to fill out and sign the consent form for each trip.

Clothing and equipment

The club will assist you in building up your clothing and gear so you can comfortably and safely enjoy the programme.


The club has decided to keep the cost of the programme to a minimum. The instructors from the club have volunteered their time to run this programme. Students will be expected to pay for professional instructors. The club has some gear (tents, billies, packs, boots, etc) that students can use on these trips to reduce costs, but if these are not available it will be the students responsibility to provide their own gear. Students will be expected to pay for food, cooking fuel and transport to the locations. For trips (eg skiing) to the club lodge at Mt Ruapehu there is also a lodge fee.

DOC charge hut fees. There is 30% discount given to club members if a 12 month backcountry hut pass is purchased.

All costs and their acceptance will be gained prior to the activity occurring.

Risk and Reward

All of these sports have some level of real risk, the club will endeavor to reduce the risk by providing guidance, monitoring, and training to the students. The club cannot guarantee that the sports will be risk free.

The students and their parents/caregivers will need to accept the risks prior to the student joining the programme. For students who attend secondary school consent forms will need to signed by parents/caregivers when joining the programme until the student has joined the club. For some of the events separate consent forms will need to be signed due to the nature of the event. Students within the programme who have left secondary school will be deemed responsible adults who can make their own risk assessment decisions. For each activity the club will find a minimum of 2 leaders, (Parents are welcome if they have some experience in the activity).

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Overdue Trips

Note to parents, relatives or friends of members on Club trips:
Should a party be late in returning, please do not worry unduly as this is common and there are probably good reasons for their delay. If you are in doubt please contact the Programme Coordinator, Chief Guide Amie Claridge -> mailto:ttc [period] chief [period] guide [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on 021 252 7457, a Tramping Organiser, or the President.


If you want to keep up to date with what the group is up to (trips, courses, other activities), all you need to do is join the TTC Youth email group or facebook. This can be done by emailing the Youth Programme coordinator Bharat Pancha -> mailto:youth [period] programme [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on 027 313 0130 and they will add you to the programmes news group.

Link to TTC Youth Email and News Google Group

TTC Youth on Facebook

Follow TTC Youth on Facebook
Climbing and Mountaineering Instruction

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