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Tararua Tramper Contributor Guidelines

Guidelines for contributors of trip reports and articles

  1. Monthly deadlines for receipt of contributions for publication in the next issue are published in each issue of the Tramper.
  2. Format for submissions: Send trip reports and other articles to the Editor as Word (.docx) documents, and images as separate .jpeg files. Maps and photos to go with trip reports are always welcome. The maximum size of image files is about 2.5 MB, or 24MB for the website. For small advertisements, news, notices, submission in the body of an email is acceptable.
  3. Length of trip reports: Large numbers of trip reports put pressure on available space in the Tramper. We prefer the length of trip reports for the Tramper to be limited to around 750 words. Longer trip reports can be sent to the editor of Tararua. (An abridged version of a trip report may be published in the Tramper and the full version of the report published in Tararua Annual).
  4. Editing procedure: Draft reports and articles are reviewed by the sub-editor, who corrects any errors of grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation and may suggest amendments to the text to clarify meaning and improve readability. The Editor copies edited drafts to authors of the initial drafts for their approval or comment and consults them on the detail of any suggested text amendments, with the aim of reaching agreement on the final form of wording to be published.
  5. Standard formats
Date: 15 June
Directon: southwest / SW
Distance: 400 metres / 400 m / 1.5 km
Height: 3,000 m
Location: pt 830 / .830 / bump 830 / true left / ridgeline / road end
Number: Numbers one to ten in words (except in recipes etc) / twenty-seven

Place names: New Zealand, Aoraki/Mount Cook, Rakiura/Stewart Island, Radome Track

Quotation: Single quotation marks / ‘The mountains are calling and I must go’ The mountains are calling and I must go.
Time: 9:00 a.m. / 0900 / 12 noon / 4:15 p.m. / 1615 / 16:15 multi-day

6. Tributes to deceased club members

Close friends and associates of a recently-deceased club member are invited to write a tribute for publication in the Tramper.

A tribute is not an obituary, so does not contain a lot of biographical detail. Full obituaries are published in the the club's annual publication Tararua.

Tributes typically include: notable accomplishments of the deceased member; the service he/she has given to the club and its wider interests; an appreciation of their contribution to the lives and well-being of club members; reference to their unique nature and personality; and perhaps a brief anecdote or two.

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