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Cookbook:APE supports NZTopo. As documented there


To embed a map frame from NZTopoMap, find your location in the website, click on "Share Map", in the sidebar near the top click on the button after "Copy link to share map".

  • Place this link in your page, and wrap it with %embed%...%% or %map%...%% wikistyle:
  • %map height=400px% [[,174.811448&z=15 | my map]] %%
  • If the link URL contains "&pin=1" but not "&lbl=", then link text will become the label of the pin.

To manually type coordinates and other settings, a custom InterMap prefix has been defined:


...then in the page type

%map%[[NZTopo:ll=-41.26,174.864&z=12&pin=1|My location]]%%.

To embed GPX or KML traces, just attach them to the page with [[Attach:sample.gpx]] or otherwise link to them, then wrap them in the wikistyles "map nztopo":

%map nztopo% Attach:traceroute.kml %%


Cobham Drive

Evans Bay

2022-02-11 Matiu.gpx

(:nztopo gpx="2022-02-11 Matiu.gpx" height=800px width=600px :)


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