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Add the PDF version of the Tararua Tramper to the website - monthly

The Tararua Tramper is received as a PDF, by email, from the editor (Peter Reimann -> mailto:ttc [period] tramper [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on (04) 938 9602 ), generally about a week before the end of the month prior to the issue month. If you have not received it by the end of the first week of the month then feel free to request it from the editor.

TramperPageEdit.png: 751x204, 21k (2020 Mar 07 05:06)

Add a new Tramper

  1. the page content is already present, but commented out for Tramper issues not yet published for the year
  2. click on ⚙ Edit and move, by cutting and pasting, the markup (:ifend:) up a line for the current month
  3. click on Save button at the bottom of the page
  4. upload the file by clicking on the link created, e.g.
TramperChoseFile.png: 420x93, 6k (2020 Apr 01 04:36)
  • this opens the upload page (also found using the Attach link on the top right of a page)
  1. click on the choose file button and navigate to the file to be uploaded
    • if the file is too big (about 30MB) use ftp to upload the file to the directory, e.g. /public_html/pmwiki/uploads/TararuaTramper/TararuaTramper2024/, the webteam can do this for you

Tararua Trampers TararuaTramper2024

Julyissue 6
Juneissue 5
Mayissue 4
Aprilissue 3
Marchissue 2
Februaryissue 1 

Email the newsgroup

  1. email ttc [period] news [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz to notify that the new PDF is available for download, including a link to the page Tararua Tramper.TararuaTramper2024 and the Tramper issue itself
  2. you can check if the email was sent by visiting the page
  3. tip - copy and paste this template, updating the links

The Tararua Tramper Editor is pleased to announce that the colour version of the Month 2024 Tararua Tramper is now available for viewing and download from the club's website at

Edit the page or the home page

  1. if you want to change the page further click on ⚙ Edit again
  2. edit the Tramper home page: under "Deadlines" put closing date for next Tramper - off the back page of the new one (generally last Wednesday of month)

The Tararua Tramper is also used for the related task of updating the Trip Reports.

TramperFileAttach.png: 266x231, 8k (2017 Aug 31 06:24)

Replace an uploaded Tramper

To replace an uploaded Tararua Tramper:

  1. navigate to the page to be updated, e.g. Tararua Tramper.TararuaTramper2024
  2. click on the ⚙ Attach link
  3. click on the Δ character to the right of the file you wish to update, the page will refresh
  4. choose the Choose File button at the top of the screen, the filename is automatically set
  5. click on the Upload button

Tramper file name format

The format of the filename for the uploaded tramper is used to be provide a consistent, and sortable naming convention for all Tararua Tramper issues. The format is:

  • yyyy is century and year
  • mm is month
  • nn is volume
  • ii is issue number within volume with a leading sero

e.g. TararuaTramper-2020-05v92-04.pdf

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Update the deadline on the newsletter home page - monthly

  • click on the ⚙ edit link on the top right of the home page
  • edit the deadline date
  • enter change summary, and author name
  • click save

Add new Tararua Tramper page - annually

  1. open last year's Tararua Tramper page
  2. use ⚙ Copy/Move to copy the open page as the new year's page
  3. edit (update) the Volume Number
  4. move (:ifend:) to the bottom of the list of links to monthly issues (i.e. to just below February)
  5. save

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