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Content Management System


The TTC's content management system was chosen to meet several design and operational goals:

  • must be easy to install, maintain, backup, secure, and must not reply on one person for content or technical management
  • must be sustainable by the club. This means it must not require a high level of expertise to maintain, must have minimal operational costs, and must have a potenital lifespan of decades
  • must be usable by club members and the public. This means accessible on a range of device types, working on low bandwidths, printable, and club members must be able to make simple contributions to it
  • must allow for flexibility in presentation though skins, templates, stylesheets, and comprehensive formatting and markup

These criteria lead to the selection of PmWiki for the following reasons

  • free open source (GPL2 licence)
  • CMS similar to Wikipedia
  • well documented, active and supportive community based on email lists and the software's website
  • simple to install, only requiring PHP, with data stored in flat files
  • provides skins, based on templates, good markup, wide range of add-ons (recipes)
  • supports HTTPS and depending on the skin, mobile devices
  • strong support for image thumbnailing
  • can be contributed by anyone securely
  • provides full change and revision history, and restore


  • file based data storage
  • runs on multiple platforms
  • security to protect against bots, spam, and email address harvesting while allowing open access
  • easy to include images and file attachments
  • supports multiple navigations options including anchor links, hyperlinks, backlinks, page trails, page table of contents, site map, search, and categories (tags)
  • supports page inclusion (transclusion) of parts of other pages
  • supports printable pages

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