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This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper Volume 96, no 6, July 2024

Less frequented Zealandia tracks EM

29th May 2024

Ten members and one non-member gathered in the foyer of Zealandia on this beautiful late-autumn Wednesday. Once through the check in and biosecurity and inside the gate, we set off south on Lake Road, then branched off to join the Te Mahanga Track near the tuatara fence, as the northern end of the track is closed for major improvements and safety measures. It was very pleasant as we walked streamside in the regenerating bush where the ferns of the understory were thriving. Some commented on how much more lush the bush was looking since their earlier visits.

Emerging back onto the main artery, we continued south and up through the Discovery area to the Rock Dam Track. Pausing briefly as we passed by the remains of the old rock dam, we discovered it had been built to provide water for the building of the upper dam and also for the labourers’ cups of tea!

At the junction we turned south on the Round the Lake Track. First to the slightly rising Faultline Track and then uphill on the Western Firebreak Track where we had morning tea amidst pine stumps and filtered sunlight. Once refreshed, we continued uphill and then on up a very steep stretch as we approached the fence line. We turned south down the fence line to the upper Te Mahanga gully and west at the southern end of Faultline Track. We were then streamside with lovely fern-covered banks, large tree ferns and crystal-clear water.

Tui Glen was our next turnoff, up steps toward the east and further rising terrain. The predominant canopy here was of huge pine trees, with diverse ferns and other regenerative native species below them. It was soft underfoot due to the pine needles which made our elevation gain more pleasant. After lunch in a slightly rising and less dense stretch of forest we headed on down to the Turbine Track, thence to the Round the Lake Track. We then turned up the Pylon Track to follow the Fantail Track.

Although we had experienced birdlife at every stage of the trip we were wowed for 20 minutes or more by the birdsong and number of different bird species we spotted as we moved through. Finally we came out onto Valley View where a few diverted to take in views from the Upper Dam. Back together, we headed north on the Karearea Track back down to Tui Terrace and Lake Road. To round off our trip we spent around 15 minutes communing with Orbell the takahe.

In total the distance tramped was about 10 ½ km with a 691m elevation rise, and we took not quite 4 ½ hours.

Party members
Penny Salmond (leader and scribe), Diana Barnes, Trish Gardiner-Smith, Helen Gray, Leonore Hoke, Justin Kerr, Rob Laking, Marg Pearce, Alison Stephenson, Rosemary Wilson, visitor Katrina.

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