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Yr 9 1

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Heading up to Mt Holdsworth
Photo: Bharat Pancha
Yr 9 2

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Finally in the sun in Carterton Photo:
Bharat Pancha

This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper Volume 96, no 3, April 2024

Year 9 tramp in the Tararua Range

December 2023

A very large group of year 9s including myself went on an incredible three-day tramp in the Tararua Range. It was a great break from city life to immerse ourselves in the beautiful native bush.

On the first day the group of 37 students and 13 adults climbed the mighty Mt Holdsworth/Taratahi, gaining around 470m in height to get to Powell Hut. Along the way we enjoyed the extraordinary mossy trees rising above us, making it seem we were in another world. After a long day of steep rough trail, we were happy to get dry, warm and fed. Then we tucked ourselves into our sleeping bags, ready for the next big day ahead.

On the second day a smaller group braved the rough conditions to get to the summit of the mountain. Although there was not much to see because of the harsh wind and rain it was still worth the effort. After squeezing the water out of our wet socks and getting a warm drink and food we set off to the next hut, Atiwhakatu. The downhill seemed to go on forever. We made a few stops along the way, staring up at the canopy as rain bounced from leaf to leaf then onto our soaking raincoats. After a handful of scroggin we were off again. Eventually we made it to the Waingawa River and walked beside it until we arrived at the hut. A few of us took a short, sharp dip in the frigid river. After we had warmed up, we tucked in for dinner under the light of candles. With full bellies and tired legs, we had an early night, falling asleep to the sound of the river. Mr Pancha had said 10 p.m. was the latest time for us to be in our sleeping bags but most of the group were asleep before then.

The next morning, we packed up all our dirty, wet stuff into our packs and got ready for a reasonably easy trek back to the carpark. After another quick dip in the river and sending some bombs from the rope swing, we headed to Carterton for lunch. In Carterton we ordered plenty of hot chips for lunch and enjoyed some much-needed sun. On the car ride back, we reflected and chatted about the amazing experience we had just had, and looked forward to a shower and flushing toilets. Thanks to all the teachers and parents who helped make this tramp successful.

Party members
Evie Baird (scribe).

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