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Whareroa1.jpg: 591x582, 166k (2023 Sep 08 08:03)
Route is traced by the red line.,
commencing from Paekākāriki
along the beach front.
Whareroa2.jpg: 1416x1079, 649k (2023 Sep 08 08:04)
Dave Reynolds, Diane Morgan, Linda Beckett, Tony van Horik,
Bob Stephens (behind), Susan Guscott, Phillipa Newton,
Marilyn Richards, Sue Scott, Peter Smith, Marg Pearce,
Janice Tijsen, Ann Walker, Alistair Beckett, John Allard
Whareroa3.jpg: 1016x971, 430k (2023 Sep 08 08:04)
Rocks Lookout
Whareroa4.jpg: 541x1065, 94k (2023 Sep 08 08:05)

This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper Volume 95, no 8, September 2023

Whareroa hills and Kapiti Coast M

Wednesday 19 July 2023

Sixteen members participated in this trip around a circuit in the Whareroa area of the Kāpiti coastal plain and the Whareroa hills. The hike commenced at Paekākāriki township soon after 9 a.m. and took just over six hours, covering about 19 kilometres. It included a variety of terrain including regenerating coastal hills and plain, blocks of vibrant native bush, a steep climb, a more gradual descent over grassland, and a variety of exhilarating coastal views.

From Paekākāriki our route followed the beach pathway before linking onto one of the coastal tracks over undulating hills heading north through the Whareroa coastal area (QE2 Park). We continued on a track that eventually circles around to Mackays Crossing. Particular features were frequent close-up views of the Kāpiti coastline and beyond to Kāpiti Island, grass tracks and flourishing regeneration of native flora. We crossed into Whareroa Farm Reserve (via the pathway through Mackays Crossing). After entering the Reserve, we turned south along the Te Ara Ramaroa Track, which follows a stream through native trees in Ramaroa Bush hosting kererū, tūī, and pīwakawaka (that we saw or heard). Beyond Ramaroa Bush, a wide and gradual grass track followed the stream to the head of the valley. Thereafter, a stiff climb up a grass-covered, zig-zag farm track to Rocks Lookout at an elevation of 357 metres was achieved by most of the party in just 20 minutes. This effort was rewarded by a lunch break with a spectacular view of the Kāpiti coastline and Kāpiti Island.

The return route was down the Ti Kouka/Rocks Track through Matai Bush, along the Farm Race Track, then through Mackays Crossing to the US Marines Memorial. After a break for drinks, we took the track through the lakes behind the memorial site which links onto the Te Ara Whareroa Track back to Paekākāriki.

Although intermittent showers were forecast, we were fortunate to miss them, apart from a brief burst at the start of the hike. A variety of wonderful scenery, fabulous company, and abundant conversation (notably during the steep climb to Rocks Lookout) were memorable aspects of the day. Other features of this area are the ease of access by railway train, and options to vary the route.

Party members
Bob Buckle (leader and scribe), John Allard, Alistair Beckett, Linda Beckett, Susan Guscott, Tony van Horik, Diane Morgan, Phillipa Newton, Marg Pearce, Dave Reynolds, Marilyn Richards, Sue Scott, Peter Smith, Bob Stephens, Janice Tijsen, Ann Walker.

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