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Trip Reports 2022-11-26-Smith Creek

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Hell1.jpg: 864x1153, 630k (2023 Feb 16 08:59)
Treading the 400m contour
Photo: Wayne Perkins
Hell2.jpg: 894x520, 212k (2023 Feb 16 09:00)
Hell3.jpg: 803x853, 275k (2023 Feb 16 09:00)
Easy Contouring, Bill and Tricia
Photo: Colin Cook

This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper Volume 95, no 1, February 2023

For the hell of it M

Saturday 26 November 2022

This trip had no destination but instead was an attempt to follow the 400 m contour on the northern flanks of Smith Creek.

The map suggests variety: adjacent contours occasionally almost touching, stretches of streams lying along the 400 m contour. There was certainly some steep country, but we didn’t sight any level stretches of stream. The steepest and roughest going occurred early on, approaching Fell Creek. The most pleasant slopes for traversing occurred just beyond Fell Creek as we contoured southeast and then south.

It took three hours to get to Shepperds Stream, by which time we were ready to climb out.

A sunny day in the forest with the peculiarity of navigating solely by altimeter.

Thanks to Dave Reynolds for assisting with transport.

Party members
Bill Allcock, Colin Cook (leader and scribe), Tricia French, Wayne Perkins
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