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Waerenga1.jpg: 1363x1093, 561k (2022 Sep 14 22:59)
Photo: Bharat Pancha
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Photo: Bharat Pancha

This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper Volume 94, no 8, September 2022

Waerenga tramp

6-7 August 2022

Twelve students from Wellington High School went on a weekend tramp to Waerenga Hut, accompanied by Mr Pancha and Tina Stewart, who both have a lot of tramping experience and are members of Tararua Tramping Club. We met at 11 a.m. in the school’s car park and drove to the starting point of the tramp about 50 minutes away. Once everybody had shouldered their backpacks, we began our hike to the hut, enjoying the stunning nature we were walking through. We were lucky there was no rain and we reached the hut without any concerns. Just before reaching our destination we crossed a river, ankle to knee deep in parts. We were taught how to do a river crossing as a team.

At the hut we had some free time and everybody was able to explore the surroundings on their own. The night settled in and we had dinner. After spending most of the evening playing games like charades together, we spent a warm and cosy night in the hut. Some students slept well but others found sleeping very difficult. Next morning there was a surprise for us. Because of the rainfall during the night the river had gone up, so we had to wait a little before being able to cross the river. We had to be careful not to get swept off our feet, but with our practice the previous day we all managed to get to the other side safely. Now we just had to make our way back to the car park. Everybody was a bit tired but pleased nonetheless.

Thank you to the organisers and TTC for the use of its lovely hut.

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Karl Schneider (scribe)

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