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Trip Reports 2006-06-03-Ski Life Lodge-Family

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Turoa Travels from Ski Life Lodge

3 June 2006

Three great days, better than forecast, for families based at Ski Life Lodge.

To Lake Surprise on Saturday, some coming out via Horopito. Cycling Tree Trunk Gorge for the keen ones happy to get wet on Sunday, while the rest of us took it easy in Ohakune, sampling the chocolate eclairs yet again! Monday dawned with snow falling outside but cleared to a wonderful day, with a walk to Waitonga Falls through a snow-covered bush enjoyed by all.


ssl01.jpg: 512x384, 142k (2014 Jul 21 07:42)
Snow making - top of Turoa road |Snow making - top of Turoa road
ssl10.jpg: 512x384, 170k (2014 Jul 21 07:42)
Ice everywhere! |Ice everywhere!
ssl12.jpg: 640x324, 215k (2014 Jul 21 07:42)
Snack stop on route to Lake Surprise |Snack stop on route to Lake Surprise
ssl34.jpg: 512x384, 178k (2014 Jul 21 07:42)
Winter Wonderland |Winter Wonderland
ssl39.jpg: 326x669, 212k (2014 Jul 21 07:42)
Waitonga Falls |Waitonga Falls
ssl53.jpg: 512x360, 194k (2014 Jul 21 07:42)
Dressed for the Wind |Dressed for the Wind

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