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Trip Information Wednesday Trips Leader Check List

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Wednesday Trips Leader checklist

A checklist for leaders of M, MF, SF, and F Wednesday trips with some information for trip members. See the leadership kit.

General notes

  1. Medium trips: up to 7 hours, ‘standard’ pace, possibly with some off track.
  2. Medium fit: up to 8 hours, probably a bit faster with more off track.
  3. Slow fit: medium pace, usually more than 8 h.
  4. Fit trips: over 8 hours, faster or more difficult than MF.
  5. Trip times may depend on party members, numbers, state of the track, etc.
  6. Ensure you have permission to cross private property.
  7. Leaders may occasionally need to tell people the trip is unsuitable for them. There are two main reasons for this:
    • the terrain is beyond their capability e.g. too exposed
    • the trip is too long or strenuous.
  8. In some terrain and weather it is prudent to have a contingency plan, or alternative trip.
  9. On the trip there should be an appropriate first aid kit, and a PLB].

The email

  1. Send the email giving details for the coming Wednesday trip (using Reply All) by Monday evening, preferably by Sunday evening.
  2. If the trip is dependent on a late weather forecast, state when the final email will be sent.
  3. If the weather is not suitable for the planned trip, offer an alternative.
  4. Indicate the degree of difficulty on the trip: e.g. height climbed, steepness, on or off track, river crossings, rock scrambling, duration etc.
  5. Point out any special requirements or conditions, e.g. the need for ice axe or crampons.
  6. Specify meeting places and times, i.e. where cars will leave from and where people can be collected on the way to car pool.
  7. Tell people to say if they are coming, how and from where if relevant.
  8. If possible, include the cell phone number for people to ring if they are held up en route.
  9. If cars are needed at both ends of a trip, the leader will need to organise a car shuttle.
  10. Look at the Fixture Card so you can tell drivers the approximate ‘fares’.
  11. Give an estimate of time arriving back in Wellington, assuming all going to plan.

Getting to the start of the track

  1. There may be places en route where people can be picked up, Otherwise individuals to arrange these pickups.
  2. A cell phone list is available, updated annually. Encourage its use when people are held up in traffic etc.

The start of the trip

  1. Introduce the participants.
  2. Do a head count; in large groups get two people to do it
  3. Describe the route and show it on the map
  4. Nominate a tail end Charlie, preferably for different parts of the trip

On the way

  1. Check that the pace is appropriate for all
  2. Have a few short breaks climbing up or down steep hills, as required
  3. Ensure the whole party follows at track junctions etc
  4. Tell people to call out once they can no longer see the person in front of them, or behind them
  5. Stop at suitable places and times for tea breaks and lunch
  6. Ensure everyone is comfortable crossing rivers or scrambling up rocks etc
  7. Help aspiring leaders by explaining decisions, allowing them to lead, etc
  8. Do a head count from time to time
  9. Ask experienced trampers to assist as required

Soon after the trip

  1. Prior to the next Monday, email advising the number of members and non-members, where the trip went, and anything of particular interest. You may wish to use the Trip Report Form on the web site
  2. If the trip was noteworthy enough, write it up (or delegate) for The Tararua Tramper

Trip members

  1. If in doubt, ask the leader beforehand about the trip’s degree of difficulty
  2. If you are likely to be a lot slower than the rest of the group, change to an easier grade tramp which will be more enjoyable and safer for you and for everybody
  3. Email the leader that you are coming. Tell the leader if you need help with transport, or have any other requirements
  4. Stay in sight of other people on the trip; tell people if you have to “pop behind a tree”, or are having trouble keeping up
  5. For further information, check the Tramping information

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