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Tararua Lodge – 14 things to remember

If you are going up to Tararua Lodge please be aware that:

  1. pillows are stored on the bunks. You need to take up pillowcases for your own use (and your towel!)
  2. there is a vacuum cleaner available in the cupboard in bunkroom 1 for clean up time
  3. spare light bulbs are stored in the back porch
  4. all laundry: tea towels; hand towels; aprons; spare fitted sheets; oven cloths; spare shower curtains; and spare mattress covers are kept in the hall cupboard adjacent to the lounge door, they are washed in the washing machine and hung in the drying room
  5. the water supply system automatically fills the header tank in the kitchen above the stove. The main way of monitoring water usage/stored capacity is the water level gauge in the back porch
  6. there is a water boiling unit, sink, fridge and tea/coffee etc just inside the lounge door for use in making drinks and the like, so that the kitchen can then be used easily by those rostered for meal preparation
  7. the cutlery drawers in the servery area operate from both sides
  8. all bulk food is stored under the seats in the dining and lounge areas, the list is inside pantry, and available on the information page.
  9. the downstairs “Exit” sign remains on at all times – do not try to turn it off
  10. the back door needs to be locked on the outside when the lodge is left empty during the day and when vacated at the end of a trip
  11. please ensure the front door is closed and locked whenever you leave the lodge
  12. showers have plastic bath mats. These are to be put into the shower after use and the floor cleaned with a squeeze mop. There is now a squeeze mop permanently kept in both the men’s and women’s bathrooms
  13. a bunk allocation board is now on the wall beside the linen cupboard on the first landing. The intention is that late night arrivals can easily see which bunks are not taken without disturbing those already asleep. Choose your bunk, put your name on the board beside it and settle in
  14. kitchen knives are kept in two knife blocks on the kitchen bench. This makes them easier to find and help keep them sharp for longer

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