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Day 1 Sunday

EntréeDip, Chippies, Mixed Nuts
DinnerChicken, Carrots, Potatoes, Zucchini, Couscous, Cucumber, Tomatoes
DessertApple Crumble & Custard (Ice Cream)
OtherTuscan Seasoning, Mixed Nuts, Almond Accents
ItemsUnits202530 ItemsUnits202530
Tomatoes FreshKg1.522.5 Chicken Bkgs3.54.55.25
Apple567 gm tins345 Carrotskg3.03.754.5
Zucchinieach5710 Potatoeskg3.03.754.5
CouscousPacket11.52 Dipseach345
Biscuits (Lge)packets345 Ice CreamLitres345
Milk     Custard    
Chippiespackets345 Cucumber 1  

Day 2 Monday

BreakfastPorridge, Bacon, Baked Beans, Toast, Eggs
LunchBread, Cream Cheese, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Toastie Pies, Apples
EntréeSalami, Crackers, Cucumber, Tomatoes
DinnerBeef Lasagne and Pumpkin Lasagne (Vegetarians), Coleslaw
DessertFruit, Sponge, Custard
ItemsUnit202530 ItemsUnit202530
Tomatoes (tin)kg33.754.5 Salamikg0.50.751
Baked beanskg33.754.5 Baconkg1.251.752
Tinned fruitkg22.53 Mincekg2.02.53
Eggsdozen22 1/23 Pumpkinkg11 .251.5
Breadloaves678 Onionskg11.52
Cheese, tastykg11.251.5 Tomatoes, freshkg22.53
Biscuitspackets345 Green peppers#579
Sweet cornkg11.251.5 Garlic somemoremore
Cream cheesekg11.251.5 Cucumber# medium233
Lasagnekg11.251.5 Mushroomskg11.251.5
Spongecake234 Crackerspacket234
Marg/butterkg11.251.5 Manderins 202530
Cabbage 1 med1 lge1 lger Carrotskg3  

Day 3 Tuesday

BreakfastPorridge, Spaghetti, Eggs, Toast
LunchBread, Cheese, Salami, Lettuce, Spreads (e.g. mayonnaise), Fruit
EntréeChippies, Hummus, Corn Chips, Dip
DinnerChicken, Potato, Salad,
DessertChocolate Brownies & Cream
OtherHummus, Corn Chips, Chocolate Brownie recipe
ItemsUnits202530 ItemsUnits202530
Spaghettikg33.754.5 Potatoeskg22.53
Eggsdoz22.53 Lettuce 11 lg2 sm
Breadloaves579 Mayonaisejar111
Mandarins 202530 Chicken Bkgs3.54.55.25
Fruit saladkg22.53 Salad (Mesculen)Bag455
Chippiespacket234 Creambottle3  
Marg/Butterkg1.01.251.5 Ice cream 3  
Biscuitspackets345 Salamikg0.50.751
Cheesekg1.01.52.0 Dips 345

Day 4 Wednesday

BreakfastPorridge, Sausages, Baked Beans, Toast
LunchCheese, Bread, Lettuce, Ham, Pickles, Mandarins
EntréePesto Dip, Cashew Dip, Rice Crackers, Snax Biscuits
DinnerRoast Beef, Kumara, Pumpkin, Potatoes, Broccoli
DessertApple Crumble, Ice Cream, Profiterols
ItemsUnits202530 ItemsUnits202530
Baked Beanskg33.754.5 Potatoeskg22.53
Eggsdoz22.53 Lettuce 11 lg2 sm
Breadloaves579 ProfilerolsPackets233
Mandarins 202530 Pumpkinkg22.53
Ice Creamkg3   Kumarakg22.53
Chippiespacket234 Broccolihead456
Marg/Butterkg1.01.251.5 Sausages (Precooked) 202530
GherkinsJar223 Apples567 gm tins345
Biscuitspackets345 Hamkg.751.01.5
Cheesekg1.01.52.0 Dips 345
Crackers 2   Beef Fillet Wholekg7  

Day 5 Thursday

BreakfastPorridge, Bacon, Eggs, Tomatoes, Toast
LunchCheese, Bread, Toastie Pies,
EntréeSalami, Cheese, Gherkins, Cucumber
DinnerPineapple Macaroni Cheese, Potato bake
DessertCustard & Fruit
ItemsUnits202530 ItemsUnits202530
Tomatoes425 gm tins568 Baconkg1.251.752
Apple567 gm tins345 GherkinsJar1  
Eggsdozen22 1/23 Pineapple (450gm) crushedtin2  
Cheesekg1.251.51.5 Potatoeskg3.03.754.5
Margarine/Butterkg1.01.251.5 Macaronigms700  
Breadloaves568 Cucumbereach1  

Day 6 Friday


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