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Tararua Lodge Tararua Lodge Duties

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Prepare ingredients for meal, to time and quantities as arranged with cooks.

Clean and set tables.

Cooks Cook meal to menu and time, as arranged with trip leader.
Clear and clean tables.

Hand rinse, then wash all dishes and cooking utensils using the dishwasher.
Hand wash pots and frying pans if required.
Wipe down appliances and benches.
Clean kitchen and dining room floors if necessary.

Rubbish Keep paper rubbish bag lined with a plastic liner bag available in back porch, do not allow to get too full.

Empty other rubbish bins in the lodge, and vacuum cleaner bag.
Tie both bags individually with string, put in ski room by door, and arrange to be taken to road end and placed in dumpsters. String is in back porch.

Recycling Separate recycling (kept in back porch), flatten all tins, and bag up, placing downstairs with rubbish.

Either take down to Top of Bruce recycle / refuse building, or arrange with others when they go down.

Windows Clean condensation from all windows with squeegee and cloth.

Open windows for ventilation where appropriate.

Clean ovens, cook tops, toasters, toastie pie makers, microwaves, fridges.

Wash benches and floors.
Ensure perishable food is removed from teh hut and fridge (unless arranged to be kept for next trip).
Close windows.

Clean out recycle bins

Sweep and tidy back porch. Wash floor and wipe walls as necessary.
Ensure back door is locked (check outside handle is rigid – inside handle is always operable for exiting)

Dining and
Common rooms
Vacuum floor, carpet, and under seat squabs. Wash linoleum.

Clean tables. Tidy up shelves.
Close windows. Pull curtains.

Vacuum floor, and under mattresses.

Leave mattresses up on edge to air.
Close windows. Pull curtains.

Stairs Vacuum stairs and landings.

Clean off bunkroom allocation board.

Washrooms and
Ski room toilet
Sweep and wash floor.

Thoroughly clean basins, showers, toilets, and shelves.
Check the easiclean trap in showers and remove hair etc.
Use toilet cleaner to clean toilets, wipe down toilet walls.
Empty rubbish bins and replenish soap and toilet paper as required.
Put dirty towels in washing machine.
Close windows.

Drying, gear,
and ski rooms
Sweep floors. Keep tidy.

Empty water in drying room bottle from upstairs window ledges.
Clean filter on dehumidifier.
Check on lost property.
Close window.

Fire Warden Ensure all occupants know location of emergency exits and mustering location towards Hutt Valley lodge.

Remind people to keep warm clothes and shoes nearby at night.
Know exactly who is on the trip.
If the alarm sounds check each room (if safe to do so) and ensure everyone has left the building.

Trip leader Allocate jobs, collect money, fill in leaders form (pdf and spreadsheet) and return to treasurer and lodge committee.

Wash towels, tea towels, dirty sheets and hang in drying room.

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