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15 Waitohu Stream

Access: One kilometre north of Otaki on SH1, the road to the Waitohu Valley leads R, and 4.4 km along it is the quarry property at the Waitohu. The old logging road past the quarry leads to Thompson and the Tangata – Mick area.

15.1 Waitohu Stream – Mick QOT

Two routes exist to Mick: that via Waitohu Lodge and Tangata, and the more direct route up Waitohu Stream.

«» Via Waitohu Lodge: Just before the second bridge in the Waitohu, the ridge road to Tangata Maunga turns off R, climbing steadily all the way: a good 2 hours. Waitohu Lodge lies to the R off the ridge and is a private hut. For the remainder of this trip to Mick via Tangata, see 14.1.

«» Up Waitohu Stream: Carrying on up the Waitohu itself, the road to Thompson is passed on the L and, less than an hour from the second bridge, the route to Mick turns off upspur, (Topo50 BN33 895 825, NZMS260 S25 995 442). This extraction road becomes a padded route and a 2-hour climb brings the ridge at 860, with Mick to the S beyond. The remains of a WWII Ventura bomber might be seen on the way.

A number of plane crashes have occurred in the Tararua Ranges, generally in the frequent poor visibility. Indeed pioneer aviators, Hood and Moncrieff were thought by some to have crashed in the Tararuas. During World War II and since, several aircraft on training or navigation exercises were lost, some re-discovered in quite recent years, and others yet to be found.

Mick is a slightly confusing knoll, so be sure of your bearings before leaving it. There is an old blazed route towards Tangata, almost an hour from Mick, and another towards Thompson.

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"Our cooking utensils consisted of two billy cans and a frying pan. Our baking was done on the ground, a hollow was made and over it a scrub fire was kindled, the ashes raked back, the dough was then placed in it and covered over with the hot ashes to bake - the result called damper was not very sightly, but it passed for good bread when there was nothing better. A baking of damper would sometimes last three weeks, so that in such a case, one's digestion was not impaired by eating newly baked bread."

James McKerrow, Pioneer explorer-surveyor of Otago.

[This reminds me, Merv, of the tale from Hector's trip up the Matukituki, where they had prepared sun-dried jerky from sheep they had driven many miles, then killed and smoked. "And it was remarkable how little of it sufficed to satisfy a man!"]

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