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4 Mikimiki Stream

Access: Three kilometres N along SH2 from the end of the Masterton bypass, the Mikimiki road branches L. This road, in less than excellent repair, leads a further 7 km into the hills. This road is unsuited to long or towed vehicles. Leave the farm gates as you find them. At the Tararua Forest Park sign, do not follow the road that drops down R; the correct road runs almost level.

Overview: The Mikimiki road-end is undeveloped apart from a turning area at the old mill site. From here there are a graded walking track to the Kiriwhakapapa, untracked walks, and routes to the Blue Range and mid-Waingawa.

The route up-valley leaves the road-end turning area to follow almost level through a gate, then continues on the TR for 15 minutes, when a footbridge crosses the W branch of Mikimiki Stream.

There are two main branches to the Mikimiki, but only up the north branch has the old logging track been further developed. From the footbridge, the route up the N branch to Kiriwhakapapa is described under that valley, (see 3.1).

The logging track up the W branch begins about 30 metres beyond the footbridge. The ground formation is clear enough but may be lost at the stream crossings where the bridges have now all gone. This valley provides a variant exit from Mitre Flats. [revised March 2018]

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