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8 Kaipaitangata Valley

Access: From the southern edge of Carterton, Dalefield Rd leads NW to the Kaipaitangata Valley. This catchment, a minor one in the Forest Park, is the source for the Carterton water supply. Five hundred metres before the locked gate, a road climbs to the Mt. Dick Lookout, at about 520m.

Overview: Three hundred metres beyond the locked gate, the first and largest of four weirs will be passed and the road ends at stream forks (Topo50 BP34 053 596, NZMS260 S26 153 213). Through this valley the old Sayer Track from Totara Flats emerges.

8.1 Sayer Track QOT

Beyond road-end, and on the TL about 10 metres beyond the uppermost weir, the graded formation of the old Sayer Track to Totara Flats leads up-spur over point 517 and 810 to join the modern route as in 7.1. This route is fairly well padded and the print of the old trail is clear, but it is not otherwise marked. A good 3 hours to 772.

The 4WD road running to the Mt Dick Lookout provides access to a lightly marked route to Waiohine .818 Waiohine 818(great views just to the N) and beyond to .772.

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"It is easy for a person to find courage, when he has law and assistance at his back, but be alone and beyond assistance, near the camp of savages, you will find how fleeting courage is."

Patrick Q Caples, on being the first European to reach Martins Bay, solo, and seeing the smoke [of Tutoko's camp] across the river.

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