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Tararua Tramping Club

Celebrating 100 years of tramping

TTC Who's Who 2012-2013

Tararua Tramping Club: Who's Who 2012-2013

last updated 18 September 2012

Committee/OfficeOffice Holder/Convenor + Team Members
Alpine InstructionDave Grainger
ArchivistBrenda Neill
AuditorMichael Ayre
BushcraftMalcolm Cunningham, Mark Casey
Chief GuideRussell Cooke
Clubrooms CommitteePeter Smith (Convenor), Jim Baltaxe, John Rooney, Kathy Rooney, Alan Wright (Bookings)
Club Night PresentationsJulia Fraser, Liz Martin, David McCrone
ConservationPeter Barber
Family GroupAnne Dowden (Pre-School/Primary), John Dement (Intermediate)
FinanceSieny Pollard (Treasurer), Carol Kelly, Paul Maxim
Fixture CardRussell Cooke (Chief Guide - Convenor), Hugh Barr, Colin Cook, Malcolm Cunningham, Michele Dickson, Anne Dowden, Margaret Foden, David Grainger, Diane Head, Stu Hutson, Carol Kelly, Kath Kerr, Dave Melville, Peggy Munn, David Ogilvie, Marg Pearce, Lyn Taylor
FMC LiaisonPaddy Gresham
Gear RoomPeter Shanahan (Convenor), Chris Everett, Warwick Hill, Stu Hutson, Brian Landymore, Colin Silva de Simes
General Committee?Paul Maxim (President, Archives, Library), Peggy Munn (Immediate Past President, Communications, IT), Andrea Weichern (Secretary), Sieny Pollard (Treasurer), Russell Cooke (Chief Guide), Peter Barber (Conservation, Social Committee), Jane Boydon (Membership, 50 Year & Life Members), Stu Hutson (Gear Room, Youth Programme, Training), David Ogilvie (Wednesday Tramps), Vivienne Radcliffe (Buildings)
Huts and Tracks CommitteeHugh Barr (Convenor), Barry Durrant, Brian Landymore, Julia Landymore, Peter Smith, Grant Timlin
Incident ReviewPaul Maxim (Convenor), Mark Casey, Russell Cooke, Dave Reynolds
LibraryDianne Hill
Life Members and Widows of Life MembersIan Baine, Hugh Barr, Michael Bartlett, Ray Burrell, David Castle, Sue Cuthbertson, John Gates, Janet Keilar, Carol Kelly, Jenny Lewis, Barbara Marshall, Brenda Neill, Maurice Perry, Peter Smith, Keith Wood, Alan Wright, Tong Young, Elizabeth Viggers
Membership DatabaseNeil Challands
Members' SupportMichael Bartlett, John Foden
New MembershipJane Boydon
RMCA LiaisonHugh Barr (Immediate Past President Ruapehu Mountain Clubs Association)
SARPeter Smith (Convenor), Sue Chesterfield, Sue Cuthbertson
Ski and Lodge CommitteeVivienne Radcliffe (Convenor), Charlie Georgiou, Damien Georgiou, Carol Kelly, Cherie Marshall (Bookings), Jo Poole, Daniel Rogerson, Dick Stent (Maintenance), Alan Wright
Social CommitteeAlison Davis (Convenor), Patrick Arnold, Christine Ben-Tovim, Muriel Christianson, Ami Claridge, Tish Glasson, Piers Harris, Jan Nye, Alison Ringer, Nina Sawicki, Sue Seedhouse, Jude Willis
SubscriptionsJanet King
Tararua Aorangi Rimutaka Huts CommitteeHugh Barr, Peter Smith
Tararua AnnualVicki Wogan, Colleen Davey
Tramper DistributionTrish Gardiner-Smith with Enid Bryant, Neil Challands, Chris Everett, Kath Kerr, Ron Kum, Ray Markham, Janette Roberts, Tony Roper, Colin Silva de Simas, Hugh Slocombe
Tramper EditorColin Cook with Marg Pearce
Tramping OrganisersSue Boyde, Mary Kane
WebmasterSimon Davis with Peter Barber, Neil Challands, Marris Weight, Peter Whiteford, Alan Wright
Youth ProgrammeStu Hutson

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