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TTC Outdoor First Aid Instruction

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To support the club's Instructors and Trip Leaders the TTC periodically runs an Outdoor First Aid course (NZQA 6400/6401/6402 & 424).

This 2-day course can accommodate full course participants (and refreshers - refreshers would attend day 1 only) for up to 16 participants. It is a practical hands-on course and you will need to be present and fully engaged in order to achieve the certification.

The full 2-day Outdoor first aid course involves quite a bit of pre-course & self-directed learning. Participants will be sent a login to the provider's online learning course which takes approximately four hours to complete and a manual assignment ‘Task 1’, which is part of NZQA unit standard 424 and can take a few hours to complete.

In applying for TTC funding for this course (i.e. submitting this form), applicants are committing to allocating the time required to obtain the certification.

The cost of running the course is based on a mixture of those refreshing certification and those doing the full course. If spaces are limited, priority will be given to active club members doing refresher training.

Current first aid certificates expire 17 September 2020. The next course will be held 12-13 September 2020.

About the course

Designed as a comprehensive Outdoor First Aid experience, this course develops the candidate's skills to provide first aid for a prolonged period of time and manage the emergency care situation. From pre-plannning your next outdoor adventure to confidence in looking after a patient (or patients) when help is further away to gaining invaluable first aid skills for life.

When in the outdoors or in a remote area, one of the biggest issues we are faced with is the potential for an incident requiring medical attention. Assistance could be hours away or even unable to get to you. Would you know what to do if an ambulance was not going to be fast enough?

This course is action-packed and will give you confidence to look after a patient (or patients) for a longer period of time (2-12 hours). Feeding, toileting, patient care, contacting emergency services and group management are all part of this course. You won't find these in a standard Workplace First Aid course.

Pre-planning and communication are important when in the outdoors - these are discussed and we can give you some great ideas and information.


Any TTC member who meets one or more of the following criteria may apply for Outdoor First Aid training through the club:

  • is active in convening or coordinating an instruction course,
  • is a volunteer instructor,
  • is an active trip leader, or
  • is otherwise engaged, or about to re-engage, in supporting the club where current knowledge of Outdoor First Aid would be beneficial.


  • Applications are now open for 2020.
  • The closing date for applications for the course for 2020 is Friday August 21st 2020.
  • To apply, please complete this form, as well as your Outdoor First Aid experience there are a few questions about your relationship with the club, and a couple of voluntary follow up questions regarding what the club can learn from you.
  • Where the course is oversubscribed, the General Committee will prioritise allocation of places.
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