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New Zealand is now at Alert Level 2.

Club trips will resume on a limited basis to meet with level 2 guidelines.
The club will continue with online clubnights.

The club urges you to stay in touch and care for each other.
Please contact a General Committee member if you feel the club can help out in any way.

TTC is concerned for the health of its members during the COVID 19 pandemic. TTC is monitoring the government advice for public events and community groups.

You should be aware of the official advice, and we ask you to heed this advice from government:

What’s happening

The General Committee will continue to monitor government and health directions, and respond to information from members. Please use the club’s website to keep up to date on club activities. Please keep safe and please do not attend club activities if there is any possibility you may be off-colour or ill.
Please see TTC activities at Covid-19 alert level 2 for details.

Thank you

Clubnights meetings

Club meetings are held online club meetings using video conferencing. These will be announced on the email group and the clubnights page.

Club trips

Club trips will operate under the arrangements decided by the activity coordinators and the trip leaders, with advice from the Adventure Coordinator.
Please see TTC activities at Covid-19 alert level 2 for details.

Club facilities

Most club facilities are open. Tararua Lodge usage is determined by the Ski and Lodge Committee. Waerenga Hut may be booked for single parties of up to 10 people. The club van may be used for groups of up to 10. The Library and Gear room are closed. The Hall may be booked.

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From Lands End to Jon O’Groats

LeJog. From Lands End to Jon O’Groats - a 26 day bike ride the length of the UK in September 2019 from Lands End to Jon O’Groats, by club member Mike Wespel-Rose.

A request to trip leaders, from the tramping organisers

When you have a trip report to deliver, please email it to us

  • at

Please don't add a new tramping report on the Weekly Trips Summary page.

  • You are likely to create a trip report with an incorrect date, which must then be deleted by the web team.

Cheers from Tish.

Website news

We are refreshing all photographs on the website. We are looking for digitised photos of not less than 1024 by 768 pixels and up to 1600 by 1200 pixels. Please contact Web team -> mailto:ttc [period] webteam [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website, or create a gallery page and upload your photographs directly.
Trip Categories
Trips can now be categorised by trip location and trip type.

Please help us by reading and categorising trip reports currently on the website.

Webteam vacancies

The webteam is seeking people to assist with keeping the content of the website up to date and fresh. A brief description of the content maintainer role is here?. This is a non technical role that would take up a couple of hours a week at the most.


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Tararua Tramping Club welcomes club news and news from the Wellington Outdoor community.

You are most welcome to add interesting and informative updates to this page, or forward them to the Webteam.

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