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Tony Nolan

This book is believed to be the only novel written by Tony Nolan. It was written in the late 1990s at Tony’s retirement cottage. Foxton. The manuscript pages (all handwritten in excellent script) were sent to Lindsay Cuthbertson, for keying and print-out. Tony planned to submit the book to publishers for evaluation. How-ever, the book was never published. Tony died (80) in 2003.

Peter Jagger

Peter Jagger was a long time club member, and ardent tramper. He wrote a number of publications on tramping in the Tararuas, and his estate has generously allowed the club to make them available.

Mark Pickering

Mark Pickering has generously made available a website for people to download a number of the history books or fiction titles he has written.

Each book is configured into a pdf format. Each download is free of charge. The downloaded books are for reading only, and if people wish to use material from them they should seek permission from the author first.

Bill Keir

  • Hut log books of the NZ backcountry, an archive inventory, Compiled by Bill Keir (FMC)

Peter Ballance

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Whakapapa parking plan
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Whakapapa parking plan

Youth programme

  • Parental Consent, Emergency Contacts and Risk Disclosure consent form

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