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Tararua Tramping Club

Celebrating 100 years of tramping

TTC Club Night

TTC Club night programme

  • on Tuesday
  • Supper, socialising from 7:10 pm - 7:30 pm
  • General business 7:30 pm - 7:35 pm
  • Speaker 7:35 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Trip organisation 8:30 pm.

There is a $2 door charge.

Tuesday is our regular club night. Club night hui are held at our centrally-located clubrooms at 4 Moncrieff Street, off Elizabeth Street, off Kent Terrace, and are shared online with members and friends, using Google Meet web conferencing.

We welcome new faces at our meetings, and there are always club members available to provide newcomers with information and answer any questions.

Please see our online meeting guidance below for information on how to attend online and for an invitation.

Forthcoming meetings

To add and update clubnights go to

09 March The Great Kererū Count (Clubrooms and Online meeting)

The Great Kereru Count

The Great Kererū Count, a citizen science project, collects information on the numbers and distribution of kererū and aims to raise awareness of this charismatic bird. Stephen Hartley of V.U.W.ís Centre for Biodiversity and Restoration Ecology gives an overview of results and the strengths and challenges of citizen science.

16 March Island Bay to CBD predator eradication project (Clubrooms and Online meeting)

Island Bay to CBD predator eradication project

Having almost completed eradication on the Miramar Peninsula, Predator Free Wellington is getting ready to begin the next phase of its project: Island Bay to CBD. Residents of this area are being asked to give PFW permission to have a trap/bait station in their backyard. Our guest presenter this evening is Community Ranger Pattern Reid of the GWRC.

23 March An emergency on the Dundas Circuit (Clubrooms and Online meeting)

An emergency on the Dundas Circuit

Peter Barber and Mary Kane, with Lois Buckrell and Tim Stone, were on a club trip around the Dundas Circuit when a mishap occurred. How did party members respond to the incident, and what lessons were learned from the experience?

30 March The Remutaka Kiwi Project (Clubrooms and Online meeting)

The Remutaka Kiwi Project

Susan Ellis and Stephen Marsland, Remutaka Conservation Trust, discuss the spread and growth in numbers of North Island brown kiwi throughout the Remutaka Range, and the use of new acoustic methods to track Remutaka kiwi to their incubation burrows and monitor kiwi breeding outcomes.

06 April West of Mesopotamia Station (Clubrooms and Online meeting)

West of Mesopotamia Station

The President, Simon Davis, and a hut bagger take on the mighty Havelock River in search of Kā Tiritiri-o-te-Moana

Online meetings

To attend please see the invitation on the email group, or email Social Committee -> mailto:ttc [period] social [period] committee [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website for an invitation.

  • to attend click on the link () and the meeting will open in your web browser
  • you may need to enter the meeting indentifier from the invitation
  • you may need to wait to be admitted
  • please use your real name to gain admittance
Attending an online clubnight … (click here)

The club uses Google Meet webconferencing for online meetings.

  • You can join a meet from your Mac or PC using any web browser
  • You can also attend them on your mobile device or tablet using the app
  • You do not need to have a camera or microphone to attend

The quality of your online clubnight experience may vary depending on such factors as:

  • your home WiFi; we recommend being close to your WiFi router, or having a wired connection
  • your broadband speed (test your broadband speed)
  • the number of people using your connection
  • the device you are using

On the night

  • please join the meeting early to ensure everything works
  • we will open the meeting 15 minutes before the scheduled start time, i.e. at 7:15pm for the 7:30pm start
  • please keep your microphone muted once the presentation starts
  • questions can be asked at the end of the presentation, or through the chat function - click on the speech bubble control to do so


  • it is not possible to view the videos of all attendees. The most recent speakers' videos are shown on the screen. A list of all attendees is available.
Meet details

If you have sound problems

  • check your volume setting to see if the speaker is muted or turned down
  • check which speakers are selected, e.g you might have headphones and speakers and selected a device that isn't on
  • Meet details
  • you can also dial in to the audio. Click on the arrow by the meeting title (see image above) to view the phone number and meeting PIN.

On the meet screen

On the meeting screen move the mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen to unhide the control bar.

Meet control bar

The three controls in circles in the centre allow you to:

  • mute your microphone
  • leave (hang up) the meeting
  • turn off your outgoing video feed

Other controls on the screen are:

  • the menu, accessed from the vertical ellipsis (⋮) on the bottom right
Meet menu
  • attendees and chat, on the top right
Meet Attendees and Chat functions
  • click on the person icon to get a list of attendees
  • click on the chat icon to message everyone

See also the Google meet help.

Can you, or someone you know, keep us entertained or informed?

Our Tuesday night programme organisers, Liz Martin -> mailto:ttc [period] clubnight [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on (04) 938 6311 or Julia Fraser -> mailto:ttc [period] clubnight [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on (04) 586 8466 or Elizabeth Bridge -> mailto:ttc [period] clubnight [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on (04) 972 5848 , are keen to hear from anyone who would like to be considered as a Tuesday night speaker.

Previous clubnights

See what you enjoyed or missed at this or last year's clubnights.

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