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Tararua Tramping Club

Celebrating 100 years of tramping

TTC Climbing Trip Log


16-18/12/2017Wairau, MarlboroughScotts KnobYesGrainger, McCredie, Workman, Go, Fogartypics--A very nice easy peak after an approach through awful non-native forest!
3-5/11/2017Kaikoura RangesMt Alarm via HodderYesGrainger, Cincotta, Allanpics--Textbook climb, Hodder high with spring snowmelt
21-23/10/2017Kaikoura RangesTapuae-o-Uenuku via HodderYesJoseph, Hicks, Fogarty, Go, Boshoff and son---Half the party made the summit
13-15/10/2017Nelson LakesMt Hopeless from Hopeless CkYesGrainger, Harris, Johnstone, Geiger, Williams---Great little climb
2-6/6/2017Rainbow Cons. AreaMt Paske from Rainbow true headwatersYesGrainger, Davis, Cincotta, Allan, Campbell---Winter wonderland
12-14/5/2017Wairau ValleyPinnacle SW ridge from Krushen StreamyesGrainger, Davis, Cincotta, Allan, N Joseph, Williams, Joy---Pleasant scramble
14-17/4/2017St James Cons AreaMt Una via Glacier GullyNoCincotta, Allan, Arnold, Davis, Grainger---2 pitches up the face, ran out of time, unplanned bivvy near Duessa Pk
24-26/2/2017Nelson LakesKehu Pk from Begley CkYesCincotta, Campbell, Dengate Thrush, Grainger---Gained ridge ~600m from summit, requiring roped climb of tower. Excellent scramble from camp in side creek of Begley Creek
16/10/2016RuapehuGirdlestone PkYesCampbell, Cincotta, Davis, Harris, Grainger, McMullen---Too icy to ascend planned SW face so climbed Voie Normale in gales
3/09/2016RuapehuMt Tongariro traverseYesGrainger, Davis, Joy, T Williams---From camp on South Crater
3/09/2016RuapehuMt Tongariro traverseYesMaxim, Campbell, Gilbert-Milne---From camp on South Crater
27-28/08/2016RuapehuPinnacle Ridge traverseYesHarris, Cincotta, Allan---Traversed from north to south, abseiling Grand Pinnacle
2-3/07/2016TaranakiSouth ridge via Fanthams Pk/Syme HutYesHutson, Grainger, Richards, Joseph, Hicks---Neat
3-7/06/2016Canterbury - Rangitata headwatersMt Arrowsmith (from Lawrence valley)NoMaxim, Grainger, Buchanan, Hutsonpics--Deep unconsolidated snow after first winter storms. Reached campsite at 1600m near pt 1646 before retreat.
25-28/03/2016St James CAGloriana Peak/Faerie QueeneYesGrainger, Davis, Hutson---Climbed south face of Gloriana Peak from high camp by large lake to the south. Ali scrambled over to Faerie Queene on the same day
01/01/2016Snowdrift RangePivot PeakYesGrainger, Davispics--Climbed during a 9 day backcountry trip through Matukituki-Arawhata-Dart valleys
28/12/2015Tongariro NPTahurangi/Mt RuapehuYesP Arnold, E Skea---Still perfect, though snow a little soft for decent cramponing, and a little icy for super easy descent. Views also a bit hazy from Aussie forest fires. ~5hrs return from Tūroa carpark. NB: High Noon upper station is now alarmed.
27/12/2015Tongariro NPMts Tongariro and NgauruhoeYesP Arnold, E Skea---Perfect, if a little hot WX, up Ngauruhoe from saddle, then up & around Tongariro sth ridge, over summit and back to crossing. ~9hrs return from Mangatepopo carpark
19/11/2015Lewis PassMt TechnicalYesGrainger, Davispics-reportAn easy climb on the way to Brass Monkey Biv
25/10/2015Nelson LakesMt Travers (NE ridge)YesGrainger, Cincotta, Stephenspic-reportGreat conditions and weather
24/10/2015Nelson LakesMt Cupola (N face)YesGrainger, Hutson, Stephens, Cincotta, Hicks, Green, Williamspic-reportTricky in snow-on-ice conditions
11/10/2015Arthurs Pass NPMt Philistine (via Warnocks Bluff)YesGraingerpic--Bluffs 13a-1400m were the crux
27/09/2015Tongariro NPGirdlestone Peak (S face)YesCincotta, Allan, Poste, Cock, Curtispic--Traverse up the south face, descending via Mangaehuehu face
27/09/2015Tongariro NPGirdlestone Peak (S face)YesStephenson, Stephenspic--Classic post-AIC climb on southwestern aspect, descent via Mangaehuehu face
20-22/08/2015Tararua Forest ParkMitre traverse to Tarn Ridge HutYesGrainger, Williams x2, Green, Go---Winter conditions with snow > 1300m and gales on the return trip
29-31/05/2015Nelson LakesMt Ella (from Matakitaki R.)NoGrainger, Hutson, Arnold, Buchanan, Harris-gpx-Took route up west face to 150m below the high peak before time and conditions forced a retreat.
1-4/05/2015Arthurs PassMt Rolleston traverseYesBuchanan, Harris--reportInteresting late summer trip.
24-26/04/2015MarlboroughPinnacleYesGrainger, Hutson, Richardspics-reportSnuck this one in before rain stopped play.
6-8/02/2015TaupōKawakawa BayYesA Claridge, E Claridge, Cooper, Harris, Jones, Koch, Morrison---Lots of lead climbing by all in a sublime setting and a few laps of the lake by Amy. Fantastic weekend in the sun.
17-19/01/2015TaupōKawakawa BayYesHarris, Jones, Hutson---Great three sunny days of climbing, swimming and lots of laughing at eachother (Warning: don't do this while swimming you tend to sink), with the highlight of climbing Captain Caveman 17,16,20 pitches a real fun climb
January 2015Forbes MountainsVarious peaks-Bell---Entered by Lorraine. Simon climbed Sir William on 14 January. He may also have climbed other objectives, in particular, West Peak Earnslaw. Dearly loved and much missed
13/01/2015Arthurs PassMt Rolleston, Otira Face (Central Direct)YesHawes & Johns---Left the best weather day for this objective, though visibility was poor in the morning and we had to wait half an hour for a little glimpse of the way up. Cleared completely as we worked our way through the green bluffs section. Route is fantastic and has some really good rock. Wore rock shoes but did not need to use the rope, except to abseil over the shrund below High Peak
12/01/2015Arthurs PassPhipps-Temple TraverseYesHawes & Johns---Another late start (12.15) due to rain. By the time we reached Phipps Peak weather was nice, and skies cleared completely while descending from Temple. Enjoyable half day climb
11/01/2015Arthurs PassMount Temple (via the central buttress)YesHawes & Johns---Hadn't planned to climb so didn't get to AP until early afternoon. Left carpark at 2.30 and returned to car just after 8.30. Misty with some rain. Soloed first half of buttress then pitched the rest. Lovely route
01/01/2015 - 10/01/2015The Gardensvarious peaksYesBell + 5 members of AUTC---Soloed Malcolm Peak after a friend lost a climbing boot on the walk in from Glenfalloch station! After this climb I met 5 members of AUTC at Lyell hut. I joined their trip, climbing Snowy Peak, Newton Peak, Mt Tyndall and Mt Farrar on the Gardens of Allah and Eden before we walked out to Erewhon station.
28/12/2014 - 3/1/2015APNPVarious peaksYesJohns & E Claridge---Forecast was not good enough to head to the Garden of Eden as planned, so decided to peak bag in Arthur's Pass. Day 1 - arrive in Christchurch and walk under rainy skies into Camp Creek Hut. Day 2 - late start due to torrential rain, climb of Mount Alexander and walk out. Day 3 - climb of Mount Aicken in patchy mist but with views to the east, and walk into Goat Pass Hut. Day 4 - sleep, read, knit and consume popcorn while storm passes through. Day 5 - another late start to catch better weather, climb of Mount Oates (high and low peaks) in mist and sunshine, swim in the beautiful Lake Mavis under a perfect blue sky. Day 6 - walk out and boulder at Castle Hill. Day 7 - back to Christchurch and climb at the gym.
23/12/2014AMCNPChudleighYesBell and Andrews---Overnight trip with high camp. Climbed nw ridge.
14/12/2014AMCNPTorres PeakYesBell and 3 friendspics--Climbed west ridge from Katies Col.
14/12/2014APNPCarrington PeakYesJohns and 3 friendspics--Nice weekend trip with perfect conditions for summiting
8/12/2014Eyre RangesEyre PeakYesBellpics--Sun walk to Cowshed hut, Mon climb & walk out.
6/12/2014Ruahine Forest ParkSawtooth RidgeYesJohns & E Claridge---Bivvied at the river on Friday night (river still a little flooded), then over Sawtooth and back to Daphne in great conditions
2/12/2014AMCNPLa PerouseYesBell & Dowallpics--Climbed east face from gardiner hut.
24/11/2014Arrowsmith RangeNorth peakYesBell & Hawespics--Climbed north ridge from Banfield hut.
23/11/2014Tararua Forest ParkMt HectorYesE Claridge, Sawicki and Johns---Southern Crossing daywalk. Mist spent more time rolling in than out, but got some awesome views. Tops were clear just before and just after we crossed them.
18/11/2014AMCNPElie de BeaumontNoGrainger,Hutson,Davis,Harris,Jones---Very slow travel in 50cm new snow led to retreat from Anna Glacier. Skis or snowshoes next time!
17/11/2014AMCNPPibracYesBell,Hawes and Andrewspics--Overnight trip. Bivy at base of Mona Glacier and climbed via glacier/divide.
09/11/2014Arthurs Pass National ParkMount FranklinYesJohns and 3 friends---Weekend trip. Climbed from Upper Deception Hut via Lake Anna and South Ridge. Windy and misty, though it cleared enough to get a view to the east on the summit! Snow is receding, though reasonably firm snow on the narrow part of the ridge.
07/11/2014Olivine Ice PlateauClimax PeakYesBell and Andrewspics--Six day journey to visit the Olivine Ice Plateau and climb Climax Peak. In and out via Daleys Flat / Margaret Burn / Seal Col / Stefansson Peak / Derivation Ice fall / Thunder Glacier.
25/10/2014St James RangeMt PrincessYesJohns and 2 friends---Day climb from Lake Tennyson to catch weather window. Very nice climb in scenic location, staying on the ridge the whole way added some fun scrambling in
25/10/2014Arrowsmith RangeJagged PeakYesBell and friendspics--High camp on Jagged glacier and ascent via north ridge.
24/10/2014Nelson LakesMt HopelessYesGrainger, Maxim, Hutson, Arnold, Harrispics--Using Hopeless Couloir and descent via SW ridge, 13 hours overall from Cupola Hut.
22/10/2014Forbes mountainsMt ClarkeYesBell and Andrewspics--Nice grade 1 peak with high camp.
6/9/2014Arthurs PassMt Armstrong and Carrington PeakYes/NoJohns and CTC---Trip with CTC. Sun and clear skies for Armstrong. Light rain and mist the next morning so party decided not to attempt Carrington. Nice trip up Rolleston and down Waimak
31/08/2014Arrowsmith RangeMount Arrowsmith (central couloir)YesBell, Johns & 2 friendspics--Weekend trip with a high camp on South Cameron Glacier. Very cold but no freeze!
26/08/2014Tongariro NPTe Heu Heu/Tukino TraverseYesBuchanan (S), Keenan, Arnold---Left Tararua Lodge at 6am, summitted Te Heu Heu at 9am, crossed to Tukino and were at the Knoll Ridge cafe by 10.
24/08/2014Tongariro NPMt Tongariro traverseYesMaxim, Gibbons, Palmer, Pancha, Sutton-Cummings---Trip done as part of AIC snow 2!
23/08/2014Humboldt mountainsSomnus(via couloir)YesBell, Hawespics--Couloir is an awesome feature
20/08/2014Aspiring NPMt Aspiring (sw ridge)YesBell, Hawespics-reportExcellent conditions
19/08/2014Aspiring NPStargazer (East face)YesBell, Hawespics-reportWe turned back the day prior due to evidence of avalanche activity about to occur. On summit day we noticed our tracks were covered from small point releases so it was a good call to wait another day.
16/08/2014Aspiring NPMt Aspiring (south face original route)YesBell, Hawespics-reportExcellent ice. All 3 climbs completed from Colin Todd hut. Fly in, walk out.
10/08/2014TanzaniaMount KilimanjaroYesJohns & Johns---Summited at dawn after ascending under a full moon
1/06/2014Two Thumb RangeMt D'Archiac (E ridge)YesMaxim, Lamarche, Grainger, S Buchanan---Big winter climb in 100-year fine weather event!
11/05/2014Rolleston RangeTurret PeakYesBell + 3 non-members---Nice weekend trip to an area not often visited by climbers.
26/04/2014TaupōWhanganui Bay and WharepapaYesCrosland, Kelly, Peacock, Starfish, Roddick, Wilson, Donaldson, Richards, Russel, Hutson---Lots of climbs over a week on the school hols g16-21
22/04/2014Ruataniwha CPMt MackenzieYesGrainger, Davis, Whitehead, Chapman---Easy climb; took the rope for a walk!
19-26 AprilAustraliaArapilesYesE Claridge and Johns---Trad climbing trip on the best rock around
5/04/2014Tararua Forest ParkBannister and Waiohine PinnaclesYesGirdwood and Johns---Spectacular
22/03/2014Godley valleyMt Sibbald north pkyesBell---Three day trip. Missed out on the true (south) summit due to time constraints (didnít want to come down in the dark). A 4WD or motor bike highly recommended to save a 20km walk in (took 5.5 hours to Red Stag hut). It was a 14 hour day with 1850m height gain (mostly on scree, argh!). This would be a more pleasant experience in spring / early summer from the Macaulay River side, where the slopes would be snowy. High camp on north ridge recommended (flat spot at 2400m, also lower on the north ridge).
9-12/03/2014Balfour GlacierMt MagellanyesBell, Wynnepics--Climbed via 'anyone can play guitar' 8 pitch rock route. Accessed the Balfour via Katies Col.
02/03/2014Two Thumb RangeHigh Thumb / The ThumbsyesBell---Climbed steep south ridge from high camp. Drove to end of Lilybank road. Big walk in.
01/03/2014Arthur's PassFalling MountainYesJohns, Claridge, Claridge, Day, Chapman, Girdwood ... Girls trip---Girls trip, left the boys at home ... Originally intended to attempt Mount Alexander, but decided Falling Mountain was a safer bet with fresh snow and a southerly descending on the Sunday. Climbed in a weekend (walked in and climbed on the Saturday, walked out from Edwards Hut on the Sunday).
15/02/2014Arthur's PassMount HarperyesJohns and friend---Climbed via Camp Spur, descent via White Col to Barker Hut for the night. Guidebook a bit outdated. The full moon was out, and the sun was shining very bright. Fantastic route.
07/02/2014Armoury RangeAmazon PeakyesJohns and 2 others----
07/02/2014NLNPTravers traverse via S RidgeYesMaxim, Grainger, Davis, Harrispics--From notch, two pitches on compact rock then scramble to summit in rain. Descent into Summit Creek to good bivvy rock at 1420m
07/02/2014Armoury RangeThe WarriorYesBell,Snowdonpics--3 day trip. A motorcycle came in handy. Another chossy peak - better in snow
02/02/2014MCNPCopland Pass and Lean PeakYesBell, Johnspics--Moraine to access Copland Ridge a little unpleasant, and descending it doubley so
25/01/2014APNPFranklinYesBellpics--Climbed via good luck creek. Ascent almost snow free but not as chossy as people seem to make out.
18/01/2014NLNPKehu - N ridge/NW faceYesBuchanan (S), Arnold, Davis, Grainger---Great wx and great climb. Also recce'd Hopeless Creek route to
18/01/2014Hopkins valleyRabbiters PeakyesBellpics--Great day trip, kept ahead of the approaching nw storm
23/12/2013MCNPTurner peakyesBellpics--Side trip from ball pass. Looked at Pibrac but too chossy!
19/12/2013Tongariro NPTe Heuheu / Wairere valleyyesGrainger,Davis---Crossed back into Whakapapa Gorge at 1400m
14/12/2013MCNPNazomiyesBell,Wynnepics--Great view of south ridge of Cook
30-31/11/2013TaupōWhanganui BayyesHutson, Harris, Grainger, Davis, Chapman, C Morrison, Kelly, Whiting, Peacock, J Sawicki, Moar, Van den Beuker---Youth Prog climbing. Good weekend but 3 lead falls!
10-23/11/2013MCNPPeak baggingYesBell, Johns, Arnold & Hawespics--Peak climbed: Anzac Peaks traverse, Aoraki / Mount Cook, Vancouver, Aylmer - Hochstetter traverse, Walter, Green, Elie De Beaumount (twice by Simon & Rob, after attempting the traverse to West peak) and The Footstool.
1-3/11/2014NLNPMt CupolaYesArnold, Henson, Sawicki, Yasbeck---Great wx and views, back in Welly for Sunday dinner
15-16/09/2013Arthur's PassMount FranklinNoBell and Johns---Camped below Lake Anna. Snowed lightly overnight and into the next morning with clag persisting (forecast was for clear skies), so did not go for summit. Were also concerned about windslab - confirmed for us by a party who turned back the next day. Walked out in light drizzle toward bluer skies further east
30/08-03/09-2013Pioneer hut / MCNPClimbingyesHawes and Bellpics--Day 1 = Fly in and check out Douglas Peak, Day 2 = Climb south face of Douglas Peak (central couloir), Day 3 = Climb south face of Mt Barnicoat (unmarked route), Day 4 = Climb north ridge of Spencer Peak, Day 5 = Walk out to Fox glacier.
27-28/07/2013RuapehuGirdlestone Peak and Summit Plateau campyesClaridge (E), Bell & Johns---Climbed Girdlestone then camped on Summit Plateau. Were planning to climb on Cathedral Rocks but headed to Dome instead and peeked in the shelter, before traversing back down. Great day and company
20/07/2013RuapehuTahurangiyesClaridge, Claridge, Harris, Johns & 2 friends---Great day, fantastic company
29/06/2013TaranakiEast RidgeyesArnold, Hawes, Harris, Girdwood, Buchanan (S)---Climbed up in bluebird Taranaki day, abseiled off the Shark's Tooth into a windy whiteout. Temporarily lost Syme's hut on the descent. Temporarily lost the track on the way down from Symes the next day.
30/06/2013RuapehuCrater rim traverse from Plateau campyesMaxim,Grainger,Davis---Fabulous
1/06/2013RuapehuIce climbing from PlateauyesGrainger,Arnold,Davis,Cooper---Plenty pow about. A pitch or two on brittle ice. Nice to be out
25/05/2013Arthurs PassMt AlexanderNoSawicki, Claridge (E), Johns, and 3 friends---Poor forecast meant we tried Castle Hill Peak instead - severe gales turned us around 100m below Foggy Peak
11/05/2013Hopkins valleyRabbiters peaknoBell, Johns, Arnoldpics--Attempted via Ram hill. New snow on rock ridge made for slow progress. 2013 summer / autumn was awesome but we left this trip a little too late to get it done as a rock route (it may have been successful if we had another day - this was a weekend attempt...)
14/04/2013Hopkins valleyDasler PinnaclesyesBellpics--Still free from snow. A 4WD would have came in handy.
07/04/2013NLNPPaskeyesBellpics--Fresh snow on ridge made ascent a bit trickier.
06/04/2013NLNPMt PrincessNoJohns---Significant dump of fresh snow and poor wx so turned around at McCabe
30/03/2013NLNPCupolayesRogerson, Blanch, Hunt---Ascent via North Face. Nice rock, easy climb
30/03/2013Kahurangi National ParkNeedle and the HaystackyesBell & Johnspics--Great trip, improved by bumping into big TTC crew. Also went up Mount Misery
26-28/03/2013Aspiring NPMt AwfulNoMaxim, Nankervis, Grainger, S Buchanan---Aborted trip due to fall and injury of Nank on the approach to the peak
23/03/2013NLNPBelvedere pk from Paske SaddleyesBellpics--Attempted traverse to Paske but got shutdown due to deteriorating wx. Long day trip from lake Tennyson
22/03/2013FiordlandMcPherson-TalbotYesHawes + Johns---Climbed McPherson via Talbot's Ladder, but skipped Talbot as weather deteriorated before regaining the ridge. Went down the gut next to Traverse Pass in poor visibility (the Hawes-Johns oops route) and then out via Gertrude Saddle
20/03/2013FiordlandMitre PeakYesHawes, Johns + friend---Followed a tussock trail most of the way above the bushline, with a bit of rock scrambling. Found water and a snickers bar en route
10/03/2013MCNPTamakiyesBell + 1 non-member (Parsons)pics--Weekend trip. Drove up the Cass to within 5km of Memorial hut in a Subaru. A choss-pile but great views of MCNP
24/02/2013Lewis PassGloriana PeakYesJohns, Sawicki + friend (girls' trip)---Weekend trip. Camped at lower tarns (magical place), then scrambled up and along full ridge before finding a much better descent route directly down from a small saddle immediately below the summit (route description about as good as the one for Faerie Queene ...). Then followed the trudge out...
24/02/2013MCNPDilemma & UnicornyesBell + 3 non-members (Wright, French, Pringle)pics--Climbed Dilemma via Strauchon face (Direct route) & traverse to Unicorn
23/02/2013RuapehuPink Floyd ButtressYesGrainger, Davis, Lazelle, Jonespics--Climbed Momentary Lapse of Reason as rock route - very nice
17/02/2013HopkinsDasler PinnaclesYesJohns + friends---Weekend trip. Camped just below Pinnacles (there is running water), before scambling up ridge the next day. Rock is pretty good, doesn't feel particularly exposed, and climb itself is pretty short. Some very strange cattle, however.
07/02/2013DarransSabreyesBell + 1 non-member (Snowdon)pics--Climbed via the north buttress (direct start)
27/01/2013Ahuriri ValleyBarthyesBell, Johns + 2 non-members (Dickerhof, Thorntonpics--Weekend trip. Great views
20/01/2013NLNPHopeless & AngelusyesBell, Johnspics--Great Wellington anniversary weekend trip
04/01/2013Aspiring NPDragonfly peakyesBell, Johns, Hawespics--Sweet views
02/01/2013Aspiring NPBarffyesBell, Johns, Hawes---Late start due to poor weather overnight.
28/12/2012Aspiring NPBrewsteryesBell, Johns---Good conditions. Camped near the bottom of the glacier
23/12/2012NLNPFranklinyesBell, Johnspics--Great to summit and not be worried about avo danger! Hard snow on top
16/12/2012Inland Kaikoura RangesAlarmyesBellpics--Weekend trip. Snow remaining lower down making for easy upwards progress. Last 200m to summit was rock, not too chossy!
14/12/2013MCNPMount SeftonYesJohns + friends---Camped at Welcome Pass, then gained west ridge via Douglas Neve. Went down Scott Creek in bad weather, and needed a fixed line to cross the river above the lower waterfall
10/12/2012AMCNPMt Dixon by east ridgeyesHutson, Graingerpics--Pesky bergschrund outwitted at second attempt
09/12/2012TararuasHectoryesBell + 1 non-member (Hooker)---Bagged hector while running the southern crossing / day trip (training for the TMR)
23-25/11/2012TaranakiTraverse from north Taranaki to Syme Hut and backyesRogerson, Davis---North Ridge in good condition. Spent four hours on summit practising pitch climbing before descending soft snow on the South Ridge
23-25/11/2012TaranakiRock climbing - Organ PipesyesHutson, Grainger, Richards, Kennedy---Good climbs. Still a bit of snow in Organ Pipes Valley
24/11/2012West CoastMount AdamsYesSawicki, Johns + Canterbury crew---Weekend climb, summiting on the Saturday due to a bad forecast on the Sunday. Reached trampers' summit. Was not possible to access true summit safely - a cornice prevented access from the trampers' summit, and avalanche and crevasse danger prevented a sidle
4-19/11/2012Mt Cook NPTraverse of Southern Alps via Mts Cook and TasmanyesBell, Hawes, Dowall, Wynnepicsreport-Mt Cook low pk from Hooker, traverse to Plateau via Green Saddle; Anzac peaks; Tasman traverse (up Syme / down over Lendenfeld); Haast; walk out to Fox
7-9/11/2012Arthurs Pass NPRolleston traverse from Rome Ridge to CrowyesGrainger, Hutson, Richardspicsreport-Low, high peaks crossed in fab snow conditions. Also climbed Avalanche Pk to exit
5/11/2012West CoastGlacier PeakYesJohns + friends---Conditions so great departed hut at 10am (too windy before this) and was fine to climb
4/11/2012West CoastLendenfeld PeakYesJohns + friends---Great conditions
2-4/11/2012TaupoWhanganui BayyesGrainger, Hutson, Richards, Rodgers, Jay, Kelly, Peacock, McGlashenpics--Fab weekend climbing at the bay, up to grade 21 climbed
20-22/10/2012Raglan RangeLees Creek peaksyesDavis, Arndt, Barr, Ewing, Boydon, Cooper, Grainger, Hutson, Rogersonpics--Had fun exploring the headwaters despite poor weather
20-22/10/2012Inland Kaikoura RangeMt Tapuae-o-Uenuku via Hodder RiveryesBruce, Graham, Crosland, MacKay, E Claridge, Lazelle, Jones, Day, Ben-Tovim, Kane---Five did well to summit in fine, gale conditions
1-31/10/2012Yangma, Olangchung Gola, Eastern Region, NepalHimalaya - Syao Kang (6041m)yesNankervis,Maxim,Lamarche,Shearer,Cocks,Hunterpics--Also attempted Chaw East 6000m+
28-29/09/2012Seawood KaikourasTe ao Whekere & ManakauyesBellpics--Two-day solo traverse to celebreate my birthday
28-30/9/2012Rainbow / Nelson LakesMts. Paske, DorayesGrainger, Hutson, Davis, Lazellepicsreport-Traversed Paske with exciting descent towards Belvedere on corniced ridge. Dora was fun
23/09/2012Arthurs PassMurchisonyesBell, Johns + 2 non-members (Dickerhof, Thornton)pics?--Weekend trip. Excellent wx & conditions. Back at Barker hut in time for the 8:30am radio schedule
29/07/2012Inland Kaikoura RangeTapuae o UenukuyesBell, Johnspics?--Not much snow. Lots of ice falling from the summit rocks once the sun hit the slopes
28-29/07/2012TaranakiSouth Ridge / Syme HutyesArnold, S Buchanan, Harris, Maxim---Summit by torchlight!
7/07/2012Arthurs PassRome RidgeYesJohns + friends---Icey but fun
06/07/2012MCNPDouglasNoBell + non-member (Snowdon)pics?--Attempted central couloir on south face of Douglas. Stopped 3 pitches short of the summit when it got dark and rapped off V-threads. Next time we will remember to bring the gas for our stove!
09/06/2012East CapeHikurangiyesBell, Johnspics--First peak in NZ to get the sun! Celebrating a significant birthday
04/06/2012Arthur RangeMount ArthurYesBell + Johns---With Simon's parents - fun day
02/06/2012Raglan RangeScott's KnobyesBell, Johns---A bit of verglass but otherwise good early winter conditions
1-4/6/2012Seaward Kaikoura RangeTe Ao Whekere-Manakau traverseyesMaxim, Wright, Girdwood, Harris, Grainger, Rogerson---Climbed Te Ao Whekere. Traverse to Manakau blocked by bad weather
12/05/2012Rainbow ValleyMt PaskeYesJohns + friends---A soft snow trudge. Minus five in the hut the next morning!
5-6/5/2012Central NIMangetepopo, Whanganui Bay-Grainger, Hutson, Bell, R Davidson, Arnold, Davis---Did Bomb Arete, Tibia and several grade 17s at The Bay. Sweet
12/04/2012QueenstownDouble ConeyesBell---My friend bailed on the climbing trip so I soloed double cone then went off on an overnight tramp to Hooker hut (MCNP) with friends
6-9/04/2012Arthurs PassTemple, Phipps, Cassedy, BlimityesBell, Johns, Sawicki---Temple via a buttress (not the main one), Cassedy / Blimit traverse, Phipps from the road
6-9/4/2012Spenser MtnsEnid PeakyesDavis, Grainger, Barr, Rogerson, Richards, Marshall, Boydon, Bellingham---Two summitted. Fine weather and good bivvies throughout.
31/03/2012MNCPMalte BrunyesBell + 1 non-member (Wynne)---Climbed via west ridge (and down via Fife's couloir). Walk-in / walk out.
24-25/3/2012Mangaehuehu GlacierCrevasse rescue trainingyesGrainger, Nankervis, Maxim, Betts, Lamarche-report-Nine students completed this training in glacier travel and crevasse rescue techniques
16/3/2012Central NI rockMangetepopoyesHutson, Buchanan, Kennedypics---
17-19/2/2012Central NI rockKawakawa BayyesGrainger, Hutson, Rogerson, Richards, Girdwood, Davis, Bell, Johns---Good grade 14-20 climbs. Beautiful sunset in camp Saturday evening
14/02/2012DarransTutokoyesBell + 1 non-member (Snowdon)pics--Fly in to Turners Biv. Climb SE ridge and walk out. Excellent!
05/02/2012Spencer RangesFaerie QueenyesBell, Johns, Sawicki---Tented in the valley. A long summit day. Route decription is a joke.
11-13/1/2012AMCNPThe Nuns VeilyesGrainger, Hutson, Harris, Arnold, Buchanan, Rogersonpics--A brilliant climb from the Tasman valley floor to 2749m
09/01/2012AMCNPUnwin-Sebastopol Ridge-Annette Plateau-Mueller Hut circuityesGrainger, Harris, Arnold, Rogerson---A nice day trip from Unwin Hut
07/01/2012Darran MtsBarrier Knob-Barrier TraverseyesMaxim, Nankervis---From a camp on Gertrude Saddle
7/01/2012RemarkablesSingle ConeYesBell + Johns---Sort of accidental
05/01/2012Darran MtsHomer Saddle-Macpherson-Talbot-Gertrude SaddleyesMaxim, Nankervis---Very enjoyable day traverse via Talbots Ladder
01/01/2012MCNPThe Nuns VeilyesBell, Johns---Nice way to start the NY
31/12/2011Aspiring NPMt PolluxnoHarris, Sawicki, Henson---A cut-up and soft glacier made for slow travel and precluded a summit
30/12/2011Aspiring NPMt BarffnoP Maxim, J Maxim---Inclement weather forced retreat
29/12/2011MCNPAnnetteYesBell, Johns---Climbed via Sebastapol ridge. Poor attempt on Sealy but got shutdown by the wx
3-10/12/2011AMCNP - Fox neveHaidinger, Halcombe, Glacier Peak, West Peak, LendenfieldyesHawes, Bell, plus four NZACpicsreport--
16-27/11/2011AMCNP - Grand PlateauMt Cook by Linda Glacier routeyesHawes, Bell, Grainger, Hutson, plus four NZACpicsreport-We had a great time climbing Jim
5-12/11/2011Aspiring NPMt Aspiring (Ramp)yesHawes, Bell, Johns, Hutson, Sawicki,Wynne, Davidson, Dowall----
22-24/10/2011Inland Kaikoura RangeMt Tapuae-o-Uenuku via Hodder RiveryesBruce, Graham, Claridge, Davis, Newton, Radcliffe (A), Sawicki, non-mbr----
22-24/10/2011Inland Kaikoura RangeMitre Peak via NE couloiryesMaxim, Grainger, Arnold, Girdwood-report-Interesting finish to the climb among summit towers
7-9/10/2011Te Papakura o TaranakiTaranaki (std North Ridge route)yesGrainger, Rogerson, Shutt, Davis, Richards---Good conditions - no rime ice!
7-9/10/2011Te Papakura o TaranakiTaranaki (East Ridge Teds Alley route)yesHutson, Buchanan, Arnold-report-Good conditions - nice 30m ice climb with lunch in the sun in the crater!
31/07/2011Te Papakura o TaranakiTaranakiyesBell, Johns + 1 non-member (Henson)---Climbed via East Ridge. Also descended via East Ridge, not recommended
21-24/07/2011Nelson Lakes NPCupola, HopelessnoPower, Clark, Grainger, Davidson---Failed to reach Cupola Basin in deep snow so climbed Sunset Saddle to Angelus Pk
21-24/07/2011RuapehuGirdlestone, Pinnacles, Ice ClimbingyesBuchanan, Hutson, Arnold, Shutt---Got up Girdlestone on a nice day then went to Whakapapa for more fun, another great trip
01/07/11Arthurs PassRolleston,PhillistineyesHawes, Bell, Rogerson, Hutson-report-Rome Ridge to low peak, we had a lot of fun
21/05/11WharepapaVariousyesHutson,Johns, plus 3 others---climbed a number of routes
25-28/03/2011Nelson Lakes NPMt Travers Summit Creek routeyesClaridge, Harris, Arnold, Grainger, Boydon---Camped among the spaniards
13/03/2011Arthurs PassRolleston, PhilistineyesBell, Polish guypics--Philistine / Rolleston traverse. Full rock conditions - didn't touch snow. Got off high peak by climbing over middle peak
28/12-05/02/2011Taranaki,Whakapapa,Whanganui BayVariousyesHutson,Buchanan---Road rock trip and climbed heaps
31/12-11/01/2011Cook NPVariousyesGrainger, Hutson, Rogerson, Buchanan, Fitzgerald---Mts Sealy, Walter, Annan, Mabel, Aylmer, Hochstetter Dome
04/01/2011Huxley North BranchMt MackenzieyesGrainger, Rogerson---The Huxley valley is beautiful
9-12/12/2010Arthurs PassMt Greenlaw from the Anti CrownoGrainger, Hutson, Rogerson, Brown---Explored AC headwaters in short weather window
27-28/11/2010Mangetepopo/Whakapapa GorgeIntroductory trad rock climbingyesGrainger, Ewing, Fitzgerald, Richards---Middle Earth Crag nr head of Mangetepopo great for first trad leads
09/11/10Aspiring NPMt Aspiring via the Ramp/NW ridgeyesHutson, Hawes, Grainger, Arnold---12.5hrs return. Also traversed Rolling Pin on Nov. 8
23-25/10/2010Inland Kaikoura RangesMts Alarm and Tapuae-o-Uenuku via Clarence RiveryesMaxim, Buchanan, Hearfield, Rogerson-report?-Traversed Tappy to descend via East Ridge route
23-25/10/2010Inland Kaikoura RangeTapuae-o-Uenuku via Clarence RiveryesNankervis, Grainger, Harris-report?-Traverse via East Ridge and Branch stream route
23-25/10/2010Inland Kaikoura RangeMt Alarm via Hodder RiveryesMiller, Power---Joined with Maxim party to also climb Tappy
23-25/10/2010Inland Kaikoura RangeMt Tapuae-o-Uenuku via Hodder RiveryesBarr, Wylie, White, Arnold, Boydon, Brown, Bruce----
02/10/2010TahurangiSkyline RidgeyesArnold---Solo effort to the top of Te 'Pehu while my mates were skiing. Bit icy.
17-18/07/2010TaranakiEast SlopeyesHutson, Cook---The Shark's Tooth and summit were stood upon with good views all around. It was a great trip
5-8/06/2010Nelson Lakes NPMt FranklinnoMaxim, Grainger, Boydon, Hutson, Olds, Glen---Two reached the summit ridge but turned back by strong wind
18/04/2010Rainbow ValleyMt PaskeyesGrainger, Hutchison, Boydon, Castle---Scramble up SE ridge, descent from 2050m on south face
20/03/2010Nelson Lakes NPMt Hopeless north ridgenoMiller, Grainger---Stopped by "The Gash". Fun traversing into Sabine
21-28/02/2010Aoraki Mt Cook areaTwin Streams rock climbingyesHutson, Hutchison, Bright----
21-28/02/2010West CoastRock climbing at CharlestonyesHutson, Hutchison, Bright----
23/01/10Nelson Lakes NPMt DorothynoGrainger, Boydon---Ran out of time 100m below summit. Slow travel in Downies Creek
05/01/10Aoraki Mt Cook NPMt Sealy north faceyesMaxim, Hutchison, Grainger-report-Harder than guide MC grade 2
01/01/10Aoraki Mt Cook NPBall PassyesMaxim (P and J)---breezy overnight
01-06/01/2010Aspiring NPMts Bevan,Tyndall,CunninghamyesBarr, Taylor, Fitzgerald, Rogerson----
19/12/09Kawakawa Bayvarious rock climbs to grade 18yesHutchison, Hutson, Miller, Grainger, Castle, Leighs, Maxwell, Buchanan----
05/12/09Wairau ValleyPinnacle SW ridge from Krushen StreamyesNank, Hill, Maxim, Grainger, Rogerson, Fitzgerald---Pleasant campsite at Krushen Stream
14/11/09Taranaki - Organ PipesVarious rock climbsyesHutson, Hutchison, Bright, Buchanan----
08/11/09RuapehuGirdlestone-Tahurangi traverseyesMiller, Grainger, Buchanan, Hearfield---ascent via south face of Girdlestone,ice climb on the ridge traverse
07/11/09Mangetepopo GorgeBomb Arete, various to grade 18yesMiller, Grainger, Buchanan, Hearfield----
25/10/09Arthurs Pass NPMt Rolleston via Rome RidgenoHutson, Grainger, Miller-report-Low peak only. Strayed off ridge after Gap into soft snow on north faces for slow progress
10/10/09RuapehuProfessional review of TTC AIC course by guide Stefan SporliyesMaxim, Shanahan, Grainger, Miller, Hutson, Hutchison---various detail improvements
06/09/09Te Papakura o TaranakiMt Taranaki by north ridgeyesGrainger, Hutchison, Miller, Buchanan, Arnold, Boydon, Morrison, Seiler-report-Hard frozen rain crust conditions but good weather
28/08/09Nelson Lakes NPMt Cupola south ridgeyesHutson, Hutchisonpicsreport-A fun climb and an unplanned overnight bivvy
16/08/09Tongariro NPMt Tongariro south ridge (AIC)yesMaxim, Grainger, Arnold, Buchanan S, Ben-Tovim-report-Hard frozen rain crust conditions but good weather
07/08/09Tongariro NPWinter Tongariro Northern CircuityesGrainger, Hutson, Fitzgerald, Leighs, Marshall, Rogerson, Seiler---2 day trip. Hard frozen rain crust conditions, excellent weather
20/06/09RuapehuGlenn Pennycook - technical and ice climbing instructionyesGrainger, Hutchison, Hutson, Miller, Johns----
01/06/09Spenser MountainsMt Una via Christopher Riversouth summitMaxim, Nank, Grainger, Miller-report-4 day winter trip
18‑19/04/2009Mangetepopo & Whakapapa Gorgesvarious rock climbs to grade 18yesHutchison, Buchanan M,Grainger----
10-13/04/2009Nelson Lakes NPMts Kehu and TraversyesMaxim, Hill, Cook, Hutson, Hutchison, Grainger, Miller, Maxim (J & S), Rogerson, Olds-report--
28/03/09RuapehuAIC crevasse rescue instructionyesLed by Nank-report--
07/03/09Whanganui Bayvarious rock climbs to grade 18yesHutson, Buchanan M & S, Grainger, Miller, Johns----
01/01/09Aoraki Mt Cook NPBarron SaddleyesBetts, Hutson, Grainger, Miller, Wright---7 day trip. Stuck at Barron Saddle Hut during 4 days of NW storms!
13/12/08RuapehuWhakapapa-Tūroa traverseyesCastle, Hutson N, Feasey, Betts, Fitzgerald----
30/11/08Nelson Lakes NPTravers north ridgeyesBetts, Hutchison, Hutson, Grainger, Castlepics---
08/11/08RuapehuGirdlestoneyesGrainger, Miller, Allen-report--
02/11/08Te Papakura o TaranakiTaranaki north ridgeyesHutson, Grainger-report--

Backcountry skiing trips

6-8/11/2015Tongariro NPWhakapapa to Whangaehu Hut overnight tourYesGrainger, Davis, Ludbrook, Gretton--Used Whakapapa Gl in extremely hot conditions (FL3800m). Sublime skiing on the Mangaturuturu Gl. Nice descent of Whangaehu to pleasant night in the hut.
13-16/10/2015Ben Ohau RangeTwin Stream ski campYesHawes, Grainger,Rogersonpics-Atmospheric headwaters area with cheap heli access, good bivvy options and several moderate basins offering moderate skiing.
1-2/11/2014Tongariro NPOvernighter skitour to Whangaehu HutYesRogerson, Grainger, Richards--Whakapapa closed so skied out Tūroa then climbed to Tahurangi col then past crater lake to Whangaehu Gl in rising NW gales. Severe gale made return skinning tough but ski descent via Mangaturuturu to Tūroa was glorious
20-28/09/2014Westland AorakiSkiing the Fox NeveYesHawes, Grainger,Rogersonpics-Skinned up from Chancellor Hut. Very good skiing on the neve despite SW gale conditions during first three days
1-7/09/2014Wanaka areaBackcountry skiing - Wye Creek, Soho valley, Treble ConeYesGrainger, Davis, Finn Bellingham--Had a great overnight trip from Remarkables skifield to Wye Creek upper basins where we pitched a tent. We skimountaineered peak 2115 on which Finn skiied a couloir on the NW face
26-30/07/2014Wanaka areaMSC Backcountry Avalanche courseYesMaxim, Grainger-reportPractical training outside the boundaries of Cardrona and Treble Cone skifields.
16-18/08/2012AorakiSkiing the Tasman GlacierYesGrainger,Hawes,Marshall,Rogersonpics-Dry pow, no crust, fab
12-14/08/2012Two Thumb RangeDay trips from Rex Simpson HutYesGrainger,Hawes,Marshall,Rogerson--Half metre new snow but poor vis so we liked Rexys woodburner
13-17/09/2011South IslandDay skiing back basins at Cardrona, Mt Hutt and PortersYesHawes, Fitzgerald, Grainger---
11-12/09/2011South IslandOvernight tour to Mt PisaYesHawes, Fitzgerald, Grainger--Good runs above Kirtle Burn Hut, fun exit by Princes Burn
21/08/2011Tongariro NPSkiing behind the Pinnacle Ridge from Skyline Ridge out to the ChateauYesFitzgerald, Marshall, Poole, Rogerson--An excellent run down the mountain with some fun off-track navigation at the end through the tussock
15‑17/10/2010Tongariro NPRuapehu glacier skiingYesHawes, Koornneef, Grainger, Seiler, Rogerson-reportMangaturuturu, Whangaehuehu, plateau, Te Heu Heu valley
31/04/2010European AlpsTraverse of the ÷tztal AlpsYesNankervis, Rowlands, Stern-report-re
Climbing and Mountaineering

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