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TTC Alpine Instruction Course (AIC)

Enrolment for TTC AIC 2017 has now closed. Please contact Dave Grainger -> mailto:ttc-alpine-instruction [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query%20from%20TTC%20website on 021 444 702 with any enquiries

This course provides a general introduction to NZ climbing and mountaineering.

This course is open to club members who wish to:

  • Gain skills to travel in alpine terrain and in winter conditions.
  • Learn the basic skills needed to climb NZ mountains.

This year our course focusses on snowcraft and basic skills critical for NZ alpine / winter travel. It does not include roped climbing on rock or snow as covered in prior years. The rope work elements are likely to return in 2018. TTC may also run separate rock-climbing instruction in spring 2017.

The course syllabus covers the following topics:

  1. Alpine clothing and gear
  2. Walking on snow, step kicking and cutting
  3. Use of ice axe and crampons
  4. Self-arrest on snow
  5. Avalanche basics: hazard identification, selection of routes for safer travel, basic transceiver searches
  6. Hypothermia and dealing with alpine emergencies
  7. Introduction to alpine weather, trip planning, route selection and navigation


This year’s AIC involves three weekends of instruction at Mt Ruapehu in July and August.

The first weekend (snow 1.1) covers the basics of snowcraft in practical exercises at the Tararua Lodge.

The second weekend (snow 1.2) includes day walks on the mountain to consolidate skills and also cover the basics of avalanches. This includes Friday for a 3 day weekend.

The third weekend (snow 1.3) builds up further practical experience with a supervised climb of a peak on Mt Ruapehu. If weather permits, we aim to camp or snow-cave on the mountain too.

Each weekend is preceded by a talk / meeting at the clubrooms in Wellington.

All instruction is supervised with a ratio of one instructor to three participants.

Please read here for further information about course cost and eligibility.

Schedule for TTC AIC 2018

Snow 1 Talk - clubrooms Thurs July 6
Snow 1 Ruapehu weekend July 15-16 (travel on Friday)
Snow 2 Talk - clubrooms Thurs July 20
Snow 2 Ruapehu long weekend July 28-30 (travel on Thursday)
Snow 3 Talk - clubrooms Mon Aug 14
Snow 3 Ruapehu weekend Aug 19-20 (travel on Friday)
  • Talks are held at Tararua clubrooms, Moncrieff St, Mt Vic.
  • Ruapehu weekends are based at the Tararua Lodge and leave Wellington Railway Station 5.30pm the day before the weekend.


Interested in TTC's alpine instruction? Contact Dave Grainger -> mailto:ttc-alpine-instruction [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query%20from%20TTC%20website on 021 444 702

Climbing and Mountaineering Instruction

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