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Social Committee Guide-Supper Duty


Tararua Tramping Club Supper Duty

Arrive by 6.50pm

Set up

  • Buy 2 litres of milk and reimburse yourself from the door takings
  • Turn on dishwasher following instructions on the wall
  • Prepare both trolleys:
    • one for tea (8 teabags in the pot)
    • the other with hot water, coffee, milo and herbal tea bags
    • 30 cups on each trolley plus milk and sugar with teaspoons
    • One packet of biscuits on a plate for each trolley
  • Put trolleys out by 7.00pm
  • Keep an eye on trolleys to ensure there are enough cups and refill hot water, milk if required
  • If dirty cups are piling up on the trolleys, take them into the kitchen and start the dishwashing cycle

When meeting starts

  • Push trolleys into kitchen and close door into the hall
  • Put cups through dishwasher and try to get as many put away before the speaker starts as cups chinking together during the speaker is noisy and distracting
  • Return all tea, coffee & sugar to the Social Committee cupboard, ensuring all lids are on firmly to keep contents ant proof.
  • Left over biscuits can be put into air tight container
  • Wipe down benches and trolleys
  • Refill the sugar/coffee/milo containers if necessary
  • Make a note of the stocks in the cupboard and identify if anything needs to be replaced in the next month
  • Put the dishwasher on stand-by and catch the rest of the talk

At the end of meeting

  • Collect any cups remaining in the hall and run them through the dishwasher
  • Put away all cups etc that have been through the dishwasher
  • Turn off dishwasher and remove stand, leave door open to dry out machine
  • Wash up and tidy the kitchen. If required brooms are in the cupboard under the stage
  • Ensure the Social Committee cupboard is locked after all items from the front table are put away
  • Take home dirty tea towels to wash and return to the clubrooms
  • Take remaining milk home or find someone who wants to take it home

After the meeting

  • Email the Social Committee member responsible for restocking the cupboard and let them know of anything that needs to be replaced in the next month

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