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Social Committee Guide-Quiz Night


Organising TTC quiz - updated 2017

  • The best month for the Quiz night is JUNE
  • The Quiz Convenor needs to get a small group together and alloacte tasks - needs to happen 1 month before the Quiz: Tasks: publicity, quiz questions/answers,nibbles/drinks, fun give aways, raffle,prizes for winning team, find a quiz master
  • Determine duration of quiz/number of questions, enough questions for 45 minutes plus extras
  • Determine style of quiz – in 2017 we used single answers (can use multiple choice but more difficult to put togther)
    • aim for a mix of visual (photo-related) and text-based questions
    • identify candidate question setters - ring memebers and ask them and then send out an email
    • get a variety of questions: mountaineering, TTC history, New Zealand general knowledge etc
  • Solicit questions from setters using well-crafted blurbblurb
  • Assess questions
  • Compile questions into presentation for display on quiz night - used power point presentation
  • We also had an A4 with name the huts and name the flowers - give this out when everyone in teams and teams can answer over the evening
  • Also prepare question sheet for the hosts to read from
  • Also prepare answer sheet for quiz competitors to fill in (print N copies)
  • Run quiz!
    • Either assign people to teams when they enter the hall
    • Or (as in 2016) allow folks to organise themselves into teams e.g. up to 5 and watch out for left-out people that can be joined up into a team.

* Well-crafted blurb – sample from emails used to ask for thoughtful questions for the 2016 quiz

Hi All,

The quiz is coming up and you have kindly indicated that you can help with question setting. About ten questions are needed from each contributor. If you want to put in more that's fine too! The questions will be combined into a Powerpoint presentation for use on the night. Below are the proposed categories for the questions. Please feel free to set questions across these -- it would be good to get a spread of challenges! Also there are some suggested guidelines for how to set the questions. Attached is a template for you to enter your questions and answers into. Please can you let me know if you're still ok to help on this? Ideally, I'd like to assemble all the questions by <date>.

Ideas for Questions - Categories

  • Tararua (huts, plants, tracks/navigational knowledge)
    Targeting the expert local knowledge in the club, subjects could be quite arcane!
e.g. From a Tararua map I have in front of me
Q. "What peak will I reach if I climb from the highest/most distant source of the Otaki River?
A. Pukematawai
  • NZ parks, mountains, climbing and tramping trips
  • TTC
    • 'what happened next?' – display a before/after picture of an ‘incident’?
    • recent club events, including well-attended club nights, etc.
    • folklore / satire on club bureaucracy/characters/seminal moments.
  • bushcraft, snowcraft, navigation
    • questions about good old tramping knowledge
    • a current MSC bushcraft manual could prove a useful source
  • random
    • a cool question that doesn't fit any of the above, prefrably NZ or outdoors activity based.

Suggested Guidelines for Question Setting

  • have questions in sections like National Parks, or mountains.
  • allowing 30-60 seconds to pose each question, (on the night at the end of each section ask teams to swap their answer sheets, answer questions and hand in sheets to the marker).
  • the marker puts scores on a sheet and has a running total - this save considerable time at the end adding up the scores.
  • for ease of marking, each question should score 1 point for a correct answer. Avoid subjective or complex answers.
  • a question could be a multiple-choice with say 4 possible answers.
  • or a question could invite an open answer, but it should be easy to determine whether it is right or wrong.
good example -- Q. "What role did the president play in the last Club Pantomime?" (A. dog)
bad example -- Q. "List NZ's national parks"
  • the question, or the picture associated with a question, should fit on one page of a Powerpoint presentation.
  • considering that the quiz is to be displayed as a Powerpoint presentation, a typical answer should ideally be displayable on a duplicate of its question slide. If the answer needs an extra slide (e.g. it's a different picture) that's fine but please make it clear to the organiser!
  • the questions should not be all deadly serious -- it would be good to have questions in there that are just for entertainment/comedy value!!

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