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Social Committee Guide-Hosting Duty


Please arrive by 6.45pm at the latest

Opening the Hall

  • usually done by Colin de Simas prior to host's arrival
  • turn on main power switch in power box in foyer and the lights, heaters, or open windows etc, as required
  • ensure chairs are put out

Supporting the Speaker

  • Meet the speaker, offer them tea/coffee/water and ask them whether they would prefer red wine, white wine, or a petrol voucher
    • if in doubt, the speaker organisers can introduce you to the speaker
  • set up the equipment and run through with the speaker how to use the equipment
  • arrange for someone to give a vote of thanks to speaker, or be prepared to take notes during the talk and provide your perspective of their talk
    • the speaker organisers can be called on to help with this if necessary
  • get wine/petrol voucher from Gear Room for presentation to speaker

Audio, projector and computer set up

Hosting the Meeting

  • Start the meeting promptly at 7.30pm; the committee cupboard has a bell that can be used to get everyone's attention. The talk should finish at 8.30pm or before
  • Stand in the middle of the room up front, so as to not look as if you are going to run out of the room, and speak to the back of the room
  • Take charge, be definite about starting the meeting, you are in charge
  • Introduce yourself
  • Welcome everyone including the guest speaker and use their name correctly, ask Liz or Julia if you are not sure
  • If there are visitors or new members, encourage them to approach club members with queries
  • Coordinate the notices from the Tramping Organiser and anyone else with notices
  • Briefly introduce the guest speaker and their topic. Liz or Julia can help with detail if there is not enough in the latest edition of the Tramper
  • Manage the lights at front of hall as the speaker requires (the person on 'door' should turn off the back lights)

After the Speaker

  • Ensure that the meeting finishes on a high and by 8.30pm
  • Call for vote of thanks, present wine or petrol voucher to speaker so that they feel appreciated
  • Advertise the following week’s speaker - details can be obtained from the website (it might be preferable to do this at the start of the meeting)
  • Call the meeting to a close by asking people to stack their chairs to the side, maximum of five high
  • Follow Close down instructions in presentation cabinet for audio-visual equipment

Locking Up

  • Lock the presentation cabinet and return key to kitchen cupboard
  • Start downstairs turning off lights (so they don’t automatically come on when main switch is next turned on)
  • Ensure all windows are shut - the upper half circle windows in the hall can be left open during summer months if required
  • Ensure Library and Gear Rooms are locked
  • Make sure heater timer is off
  • Ensure fire exit is locked and is clear of chairs
  • Ensure double entrance door into the foyer is closed
  • Ensure that the 'reserved for tonight's speaker' cone is returned to the main entrance inside the foyer
  • Switch off main power switch in foyer
  • Check internal bolts are in place on the left side of front door, close hall front door behind you and ensure it is locked

If you are unable to lock up at the end of the evening, arrange for someone else from the Social Committee, TTC Hall Committee, or General Committee to do it

After the Meeting

  • If you had any issues with the projector/computer, email the Social Committee and General Committee to document what happened and how to avoid it in future.
  • If appropriate, update these guides or ensure that the Social Committee Convener will do so.

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