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Social Committee Guide-Fire Drill


Tararua Tramping Club - Fire Exits and Fire Drill

Premises4 Moncrieff Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington
Building WardenHost for the evening
Assembly PointAt the dead end of the street in front of the Quaker's garage, this allows easy access for fire appliances
Trial EvacuationEvery six months

Building Warden duties

Each meeting

The Host/Building Warden should inform all attendees at the beginning of the meeting where the exits and assembly point are located.

Trial Evacuations

To be completed every six months, preferably when speaker is a club member

  • Activate the manual alarm sounder located by the stairs to the right of the stage. The key to the manual alarm is kept inside the pink projector cabinet, on a wooden tag
  • Arrange for the evacuation to be timed
  • Ensure delegated persons check the library, gear room, small committee room and toilets
  • Record the duration of the evacuation, from the time the manual alarm is activated to when all persons are at the assembly point
  • Advise meeting attendees they can return to the clubroom, advise the meeting how the time compared with last time or the norm

In the event of Fire

  • Break glass on manual alarm sounder, located by the stairs to the right of the stage, turn the switch to a downward position
  • Delegate someone with a cellphone to ring 111 or delegate someone to go to the nearest telephone in Brougham Street to ring 111
    • Ask for the Fire Service
    • Say fire at 4 Moncrieff Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington
  • Ensure all occupants proceed to the assembly point on the footpath along the road outside the Quaker's garage
  • Delegate persons to check library, gear room, small committee room and toilets
  • If there is smoke, you may have to advise occupants to crawl with face low to ground
  • If you are confident and the fire is small, use fire extinguishers - one in the kitchen and one in the front foyer - to extinguish the fire
  • Liaise with emergency services when they arrive at the scene

While it is up to the person in charge of the meeting to take charge of the Emergency Procedures, all Social and General Committee Members should be aware of these procedures and be aware of where the manual alarm sounder and fire extinguishers are located.

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