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½ a big bag of rolled oats (half wizzed in blender for finer result) 250g butter 2 tsp salt or more 1 Tblspn dried yeast 1 cup tapioca starch sugar to taste bag of walnuts (also thrown into blender to minimise) water to mix

  • mix dry ingredients
  • stir in melted butter, then enough water to make a sticky dough
  • roll out between two silicon baking sheets to no more than 5mm thick
  • peel off top baking sheet and bake for an hour or so at 150°C, the longer the better to achieve a good crunch
  • when starting to brown turn off oven and leave crackers in three until cold
  • cut or break into squares

Serves ?

Original recipe from Kennedy Warne, published in Uncle Jacko's Cookery Column, FMC Bulletin November 2011

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