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Photos 2020-Photo Competition Results

2016-Photo Competition Results < Photos > results of the 202 TTC Photo Competition, held 4th August, judge Geoff Marshall

The TTC Photo Competition 2020, held on 4th August, attracted 81 entries.

Geoff Marshall was the judge for the competition.

Winners and Honours in each category were as follows:

Above the Bush Line

  • Winner: Peter Barber - Looking Back
  • Honours: David Ogilvie - ‘East Peak’.

Below the Bushline

  • Winner: Susi Lang - Toharoa River
  • Honours: Peter Barber - Nested Triangles


  • Winner: Alan Knowles - Orchids Lynne Pomare
  • Honours: Peter Barber - Happy Birthday Bill


  • Winner: Barry Durrant- Langer Recovery 333 September 1964
  • Honours: Colin Silva de Simas - Map Reading North Col 1,589 m Darran Mountains, Hollyford V in Distance


  • Winner: Alan Knowles - Brolly Beats a Paddle
  • Honours: Wayne Perkins - Which Way?

Native Flora or Fauna

  • Winner: Jenny Mason - Feeding Time
  • Honours: Peter Smith - Daisies on the Kelly Range DSC

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