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Photos 2019-06-18-Quiz Night


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2018-11-14-Butterfly Ck < Photos > 2019-06-30-Centenary Tramp Mt Kaukau Photos from the 2019 Quiz night

Muriel Christianson introduces Jan Nye who died in the Himalayas last year
Alan (Tutankhamen) Knowles about to be resurrected (photo Kristy Johnstone)
Wild Rovers
Traverse Team
Team Tahi
Billy Tea Brains
Jan Nye
Quiz Mistress: Muriel Christianson
Jan Nye
Scorer: Lynne White
Team Tahi, the winners, from left: Chris Horne, Angela Georgiou, Cheryl McDonald, Paul Maxim, Jan Nye (photo), Lynne Pomare and Charlie Georgiou
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Photographer: Alan Knowles

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