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Photos 2016-Photo Competition Results

2015-Photo Competition Results < Photos > 2020-Photo Competition Results results of the 2016 TTC Photo Competition, held 18th October, judge Robert Joiner

Above the Bush Line

  • winner: Donna Jennings, Ruapehu Sunset
  • runner up: Muriel Christianson, Ruahine Outlook
  • highly commended: David Ogilvie, Holdsworth Jumbo

Below the Bush Line

  • winner: Amy Claridge, Flow
  • runner up: David Ogilvie, Remutaka Mist
  • highly commended: Wayne Perkins, In Focus


  • winner: Colin Silva de Simas, Mid-winter Solstice, Waerenga
  • runner up: David Ogilvie, Anderson Hut
  • highly commended: Bill Wheeler, Christmas 1961/62, Wangapeka

Hut and Camp Life

  • winner: Melissa Huggins, Sunset at the Hut
  • runner up: Donna Jennings, Tararua Lodge Sunset
  • highly commended: Wayne Perkins, Quiet Afternoon

Native Flora and Fauna

  • winner: Ken Fraser, Karearea
  • runner up: Lynne Pomare, Winter Sunshine
  • highly commended: Pete Smith, Fantail

Outdoor Landscapes

  • winner: Pete Smith, Mt Cook National Park
  • runner up: Ken Fraser, Lake Angelus
  • highly commended: Liz Martin, Sunset

Above the bushline

ABL TararuaTC Donna Jennings Ruapehu sunset.jpeg: 3900x2393, 4981k (2016 Nov 03 08:14)
Winner: Donna Jennings
Ruapehu Sunset
ABL TararuaTC MurielChristianson Ruahine Outlook.jpeg: 4608x3072, 4742k (2016 Nov 03 08:15)
Runner up: Muriel Christianson
Ruahine Outlook
ABL TararuaTC Ogilvie Holdsworth Jumbo.jpeg: 3434x2258, 1789k (2016 Nov 03 08:15)
Highly commended: David Ogilvie
Holdsworth Jumbo

Below the bushline

BBL - TTC - Amie Claridge - Flow.jpeg: 3648x2736, 2931k (2016 Nov 03 08:15)
Winner: Amy Claridge
BBL TararuaTC Ogilvie Remutaka mist.jpeg: 3383x2350, 2230k (2016 Nov 03 08:15)
Runner up: David Ogilvie
Remutaka Mist
BBL TararuaTC Wayne Perkins.In focus.jpeg: 1632x1224, 1000k (2016 Nov 03 08:15)
Highly commended: Wayne Perkins
In Focus

Hut or camp life

HCL-TararuaTC-Melissa Huggins-Sunset at the Hut.jpeg: 1032x408, 328k (2016 Nov 03 08:14)
Winner: Melissa Huggins
Sunset at the Hut
HCL TararuaTC Donna Jennings Tararua Lodge at sunset.jpeg: 4189x2992, 2419k (2016 Nov 03 08:15)
Runner up: Donna Jennings
Tararua Lodge Sunset
HCL TarauaTC Wayne Perkins Quiet afternoon.jpeg: 3264x2448, 3001k (2016 Nov 03 08:14)
Highly commended: Wayne Perkins
Quiet afternoon


HIS TTC Bill Wheeler Xmas 1962 Wangapeka.jpg: 2734x1830, 2480k (2016 Nov 03 08:14)
Highly commended: Bill Wheeler
Christmas 1961/62, Wangapeka
HIS TTC Silva de Simas Midwinter solstice Waerenga 1999.jpg: 1807x1289, 3620k (2016 Nov 03 08:14)
Winner: Colin Silva de Simas
Mid-winter Solstice, Waerenga 1999
HIS TararuaTC Ogilvie Anderson Hut Feb 1960.jpg: 1737x1203, 855k (2016 Nov 03 08:14)
Runner up: David Ogilvie
Anderson Hut Feb 1960

Native flora and fauna

NFF TTC Clay Ridge Winter Sunshine Lynne Pomare.jpeg: 2196x3074, 859k (2016 Nov 03 08:14)
Runner up: Lynne Pomare
Clay Ridge Winter Sunshine
NFF TararuaTC Ken Fraser Karearea.jpeg: 1991x1920, 1704k (2016 Nov 03 08:14)
Winner: Ken Fraser
NFF TararuaTC PeteSmith Fantail.jpeg: 2789x3102, 4373k (2016 Nov 03 08:14)
Highly commended: Pete Smith

Outdoor landscape

OLS TTC Liz Martin Sunset.jpeg: 3264x2448, 1449k (2016 Nov 03 08:14)
Highly commended: Liz Martin
OLS TararuaTC Ken Fraser Lake Angelus.jpeg: 2211x1545, 925k (2016 Nov 03 08:14)
Runner up: Ken Fraser
Lake Angelus
OLS TararuaTC PeteSmith MountCook.jpeg: 1920x2235, 2793k (2016 Nov 03 08:14)
Winner: Pete Smith
Mt Cook National Park

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