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Photos 2015-Photo Competition Results

2014-Photo Competition Results < Photos > 2016-Photo Competition Results results of the 2015 TTC Photo Competition, held 13th October, judge Paul McCredie

Above the Bush Line

  • winner: Susan Guscott - "Descent from Mt Tongariro"
  • runner up: Anita Radcliffe - "When hills become mountains"
  • highly commended: David Ogilvie - "Singlefile to Kime"
    Simon Davis - Jumbo 1405
    Pete Smith - Hinapouri Tarns, Nelson Lakes

Below the Bush Line

  • winner: Alan Graham - "Between the sea and the sand"
  • runner up: Anita Radcliffe - "Jesus"

Hut or Camp Life

  • winner: Amie Claridge - "Next Stop Civilisation"
  • runner up: David Ogilvie - "New Hut"


  • winner: Bill Wheeler - "Before the possums came 1960-61"

Native Flora and Fauna

  • winner: Alan Graham - "Karearea"
  • runner up: Amie Claridge - "Marlborough Rock Daisy"
  • highly commended: Trish Gardiner-Smith - "Raoulia albosericea"

Outdoor Landscapes

  • winner: Jacky Challis - "View from Tararua Lodge"
  • runner up: Syd Moore - "Yet another boring waterfall"

Above the bushline

Amie Claridge
Runner up: When hills become mountains
Anita Radcliffe
Highly commended: Singlefile to Kime
David Ogilvie
Highly commended: Hinapouri Tarns, Nelson Lakes
Pete Smith
Highly commended: Jumbo 1405
Simon Davis
Winner: Descent from Mt Tongariro
Susan Guscott

Below the bushline

Winner: Between the sea and the sand, Farewell Spit
Alan Graham
Runner up: Jesus
Anita Radcliffe

Hut or camp life

Winner: Next stop civilisation
Amie Claridge
Runner up: New hut on Somes Island
David Ogilvie


Winner: Before The Possums Came 1960-61
Bill Wheeler

Native flora and fauna

Winner: Karearea, Nelson Lakes
Alan Graham
Runner up: Marlborough Rock Daisy
Amie Claridge
Highly commended: Raoulia albosericea
Trish Gardiner-Smith

Outdoor landscapes

Winner: View from Tararua Lodge
Jacky Challis
Runner up: Yet another boring waterfall
Syd Moore

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