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Photos 2015-04-25 Pinnacle-Marlborough

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2015-03-06 Morison Bush < Photos > 2015-09-27-Girdlestone Photos from Pinnacle 2120m (Marlborough)

Three members went into the Marlborough Branch River / Leatham River area on ANZAC day weekend for a gentle climb of Pinnacle. The climb ascended the south west ridge -- supposedly a grade 3, but completed without a rope or any substantial climbing moves. The descent on the south ridge took a little exploration but also not technically hard. On the walk in day, a 6.2MM earthquake centred 20km away shook us at camp and caused a collapse of two nearby unstable cliffs.

Party members
Dave Grainger (leader, photos), Stu Hutson (photos), Hayden Richards

Our campsite in Krushen Stream (900m)
Stu on the scree after descending tricky ramps and ledges above.
Looking down into Krushen Stream and Boulder Stream running away to R
Fresh chilli is the new goto add-in for de-hy meals
Hayden in typical pose.
Roadside chillis in Wairau Valley
In the pub at Picton waiting for the ferry
Stu moving up old screes towards the SW ridge of Pinnacle
Northerly gales and moist air made for a lot of gloom about the tops.
SW ridge on the skyline.  Last time I was here (2009) it was a jagged and rocky all along the ridge, not an easy scree slope running up to it.  Presumably eroded during the ChCh earthquakes...
Krushen Stream - lots of river erosion and debris flow activity going on in this area
Debris below a cliff above Krushen Stream that collapsed in 6.2 earthquake of April 24 2015
Stu and Hayden at the camp
Walking out down Boulder Stream.  Active erosion cliff in background.
Dave descending screes (photo by Stu Hutson)
Dave on the summit (photo by Stu Hutson)
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