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Photos 2015-03-06 Morison Bush

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Once again, an escape from the city was also an escape from the weather. After a disturbing amount of rain early Friday afternoon the demand was still to go over the hill, trusting in the Morison Bush "micro-climate". And so it turned out. The familiar pattern of fish and chips in Featherston, pitching the tents in the warm calm dusk, and later watching a superb moonrise over the hills across the river brought it all back. Saturday dawned fine, and we all had a pleasant morning relaxing, walking, swimming, and conversing. A light but steady rain did come in for Saturday afternoon, together with a breeze that tried to circle the compass, but it passed and by dinner time we were enjoying the country-side again. Later in the evening flashes of lightning from far away lit up the hills, and thunder growled in the distance, as we enjoyed hot drinks for supper. Sunday was warm, and any residual dampness had gone by the time we packed up in the sunny afternoon. Ice creams in Featherston prepared us for the hill.

We were Simon Davis, Anne West, Adrian Davis, Siān Davis, Craig Christiansen, Kevin Christiansen, Mia Martin, Michael Martin, and Howard Symmes.

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