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Photos 2014-Photo Competition Results

2013-Photo Competition Results < Photos > 2015-Photo Competition Results - the results of the 2014 TTC Photo Competition, held 14th October, judge Rob Joiner

Thanks for a great team effort this year!

We were a little stymied by technology, but Rob told us about his work, and lead us through the group of entries. After the prize giving there was a valuable question and answer session.

The winners received stretched canvas prints of their work from The Big Picture, and each winner and runner-up has the right to be entered in the Federated Mountain Clubs Photo competition in 2015. This year's results are:

Above the Bush Line

  • Winner: "Pioneer Ridge" - Dave Grainger
  • Runner-up: "The Dancing Dracophyllums" - Syd Moore
  • Highly Commended: "Ruapehu Slick" - Alison Davis

Below the Bush Line

  • Winner: "Wills River" - Peggy Munn
  • Runner-up: "Stream near Cupola" - Pete Smith
  • Highly Commended: "Beats Walking" - Simon Bell

Hut and Camp Life

  • Winner: "Waerenga Crossword" - Dave Grainger
  • Runner-up: "Setting up mountain radio, upper Balfour Glacier" - Simon Bell
  • Highly Commended: "! Danger" - Peter Barber


  • Winner: "Ngatau River Hutt" - Bill Wheeler

Native Flora and Fauna

  • Winner: "The Show Off" - Syd Moore
  • Runner-up: "Flax Flowers" - Pete Smith
  • Highly Commended: "Toroa" - Dave Grainger

Outdoor Landscapes

  • Winner: " Lake Wanaka" - Alison Davis
  • Runner-up: "Nydia Bay Sunrise" - Liz Martin
  • Highly Commended: "Upper Buller" - Richard Howell

Above the bushline

ABLTararuaTCAlison DavisRuapehu Slick.jpg: 3264x2448, 1902k (2014 Oct 20 20:18)
"Ruapehu Slick"
Alison Davis
ABLTararua TCDave GraingerPioneer Ridge.jpg: 3964x1658, 1519k (2014 Oct 20 20:15)
Winner: "Pioneer Ridge"
Dave Grainger
ABLTararua TCSyd MooreThe Dancing Dracophyllums..jpg: 3648x2736, 2279k (2014 Oct 20 20:16)
"The Dancing Dracophyllums"
Syd Moore

Below the bushline

BBLTararua TCPeggy MunnWills River.jpg: 3968x2976, 2406k (2014 Oct 20 20:19)
Winner: "Wills River"
Peggy Munn
BBLTararua TCPete SmithStream near Cupola.jpg: 1944x2896, 2606k (2014 Oct 20 20:20)
"Stream near Cupola"
Pete Smith
BBLTararua TCSimon BellBeats Walking.jpg: 4000x2696, 3813k (2014 Oct 20 20:21)
"Beats Walking"
Simon Bell

Hut or camp life

HCLTararua TCDave GraingerWaerenga Crossword.jpg: 2764x1842, 549k (2014 Oct 20 20:21)
Winner: "Waerenga Crossword"
Dave Grainger
HCLTararua TCPeter Barber! Danger.jpg: 3136x2352, 2955k (2014 Oct 20 20:24)
"! Danger"
Peter Barber
HCL Tararua TCSimon BellSetting up mountain radio on the upper Balfour Glacier.jpg: 4000x3000, 3657k (2014 Oct 20 20:23)
"Setting up mountain radio on the upper Balfour Glacier"
Simon Bell


Native flora and fauna

NFFTararua TCDave GraingerToroa.jpg: 4547x3031, 5010k (2014 Oct 20 20:37)
Dave Grainger
NFFTararua TCPete SmithFlax flowers.jpg: 2484x1934, 1221k (2014 Oct 20 20:28)
"Flax flowers"
Pete Smith
NFFTararua TCSyd MooreThe Show-off.jpg: 3555x1780, 5119k (2014 Oct 20 20:28)
Winner: "The Show-off"
Syd Moore

Outdoor landscapes

OLSTararua TCAlison DavisLake Wanaka.jpg: 4764x2437, 1952k (2014 Oct 20 20:37)
Winner: "Lake Wanaka"
Alison Davis
OLSTararua TCLiz MartinSunrise at Nydia Bay.jpg: 3264x2448, 2354k (2014 Oct 20 20:38)
"Sunrise at Nydia Bay"
Liz Martin
OLSTararua TCRichard HowellUpper Buller.jpg: 8853x4457, 4781k (2014 Oct 20 20:39)
"Upper Buller"
Richard Howell

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