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Photos 2014-02-07-Mt Travers S Ridge

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2014-02-02-Copland Pass And Lean Peak < Photos > 2014-02-07-The Warrior Photos from a climb of Mt Travers S ridge, summer 2014

February 6-9 2014

Four of us climbed the south ridge of Mt Travers and traversed the peak to a camp in Summit Creek on February 7 2014. The party was Paul Maxim, Dave Grainger, Alison Davis and Piers Harris.

Photos by Dave, Alison and Piers.

See also the log of past trips.

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P1000046.jpg: 1024x576, 222k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Mt Travers as seen from Kehu Peak in January 2014. Our plan was to climb the South ridge on the left and go over the top to descend to a camp in Summit Creek (not visible) on the other side.
P1000303.jpg: 1024x683, 215k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Heading up from Upper Travers hut towards Travers Saddle on Friday 7th February 2014
P1000314.jpg: 1024x576, 298k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
The south ridge of Mt Travers on the skyline approaching the headwaters of the Travers valley.
P1000315.jpg: 770x1024, 408k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
The south ridge of Mt Travers as seen from near the head of the valley.
P1000316.jpg: 1024x683, 231k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Alison saw this shot of cloud streaming over Travers Saddle into the Sabine valley.
P1000325.jpg: 1024x625, 364k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Paul contemplates lines up the crux section of the south ridge ahead.
P1000329.jpg: 1004x1024, 510k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Setting up to abseil into the notch. The rock on the other side looked good for climbing.
P1000330.jpg: 752x1024, 367k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Paul abseils into the notch over some loose blocks
P1000331.jpg: 1024x603, 368k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Paul Maxim leading the first pitch by following a crack up and left
P1000338.jpg: 1024x488, 195k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Looking south from the climb to other peaks in the St Arnaud range. Note the veiled sky.
P1000343.jpg: 1024x683, 347k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Dave at the top of the first pitch
P1000349.jpg: 1024x683, 232k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Setting up the bivvy for the night
P1000360.jpg: 1024x683, 332k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Paul in a fine morning by the bivvy rock in Summit Creek (1420m)
P1000362.jpg: 1024x576, 417k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
View down the Travers Valley towards a cloudy Lake Rotoiti.
P1000366.jpg: 1024x576, 429k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Drying out the stuff
P1000367.jpg: 1024x576, 357k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Summit Creek basin and scree slopes leading up to Mt Travers
P1000371.jpg: 1024x683, 486k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
P1000374.jpg: 1024x683, 450k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
The bivvy rock was our shelter, seat...
P1000377.jpg: 1024x683, 420k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
... drying rack...
P1000380.jpg: 1024x797, 413k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
...and card table for some games of five hundred!
P1000385.jpg: 1024x683, 506k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
P1000393.jpg: 1024x683, 277k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Mt Travers and the slopes we descended the day before, seen from John Tait hut.
P1000401.jpg: 1024x683, 389k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
John Tait hut
P1000437.jpg: 1024x576, 373k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Familiar Travers valley scene
P1000443.jpg: 1024x683, 344k (2014 Jul 21 07:13)
Alison fetches fresh water for our final cup of tea before leaving the valley.
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