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Photos 2013-Photo Competition Results

2012-Photo Competition Results < Photos > 2014-Photo Competition Results - the results of the 2013 TTC Photo Competition, held 1st October, judge David Grainger

Big thank-you to all of this year's entrants; it was a range of great photos!

And thank you very much to David for the difficult task of choosing, and for leading us through them, and showing how a good photo could be made into a stunning image through traditional photographic techniques - cropping, sharpening and tonal adjustments.

The winners received stretched canvas prints of their work from The Big Picture, and each winner has the right to be entered in the Federated Mountain Clubs Photo competition in 2014. This year's results are:

Above the Bush Line

  • Winner: "What a view, Mt Owen" - Peter Smith
  • Highly Commended: "Summit of Mt Murchison 31:08:2013" - Nina Sawicki
  • Highly Commended: "East Matukituki" - Peter Whiteford

Below the Bush Line

  • Winner: "Autumn colours on the Clyde River Trail" - Trish Gardiner-Smith
  • Highly Commended: "Sunrise, The Catlins" - Jane Boydon
  • Highly Commended: "Trampers in river" - Peter Whiteford

Hut and Camp Life

  • Winner: "One way to start a day" - Oscar Whiting


  • Winner: "Hodder Gorge 1960" - Peter Whiteford
  • Highly Commended: "Sunbathing at Tasman Saddle" - Jenny Mason

Native Flora and Fauna

  • Winner: "Eastbourne orchid" - Lynne Pomare
  • Highly Commended: "Influenced by Lynne P." - Syd Moore
  • Highly Commended: "Bushline just below Cone Peak" - Paul Bruce

Outdoor Landscapes

  • Winner: "Ben Lomond" - Jane Boydon
  • Highly Commended: "Almost there, mainly through, tawa, kamahi and mamaku" - Colin Silva de Simas

Above the bushline

Summit of Mt Murchison  31082013
Photo: Nina Sawicki
; '2013 Aug 31 10:13'
Original size: 3,648 x 2,736; 326 kB
"Summit of Mt Murchison 31/08/2013"
Nina Sawicki
East Matukituki
Photo: P Whiteford
; '2012 Jan 01 12:10'
Original size: 1,055 x 556; 529 kB
"East Matukituki"
Peter Whiteford
What a view Mt Owen
Photo: Pete Smith
; '2013 Mar 25 10:57'
Original size: 695 x 467; 318 kB
Winner: "What a view Mt Owen"
Peter Smith

Below the bushline

Sunrise The Catlins
Photo: Jane Boydon
; '2012 Jul 28 10:05'
Original size: 600 x 800; 280 kB
"Sunrise The Catlins"
Jane Boydon
Trampers in river
Photo: P Whiteford
; '2012 Apr 25 13:47'
Original size: 800 x 600; 474 kB
"Trampers in river"
Peter Whiteford
Autumn colours on the Clyde River Trail
Photo: Trish Gardiner-Smith
; '2013 Apr 07 10:41'
Original size: 800 x 586; 534 kB
Winner: "Autumn colours on the Clyde River Trail"
Trish Gardiner-Smith

Hut or camp life

One way to start a day
Photo: Oscar Whiting
; '2013 Apr 26 06:39'
Original size: 1,106 x 737; 332 kB
Winner: "One way to start a day"
Oscar Whiting


Sunbathingat Tasman Saddle
Photo: Jenny Mason

Original size: 800 x 530; 397 kB
"Sunbathing at Tasman Saddle"
Hodder Gorge  1960
Photo: P Whiteford

Original size: 611 x 800; 428 kB
Winner: "Hodder Gorge 1960"
Peter Whiteford

Native flora and fauna

Eastbourne orchid
Photo: Lynne Pomare
; '2012 Nov 10 12:34'
Original size: 800 x 583; 333 kB
Winner: "Eastbourne orchid"
Lynne Pomare
Bushline just below Cone Peak
Photo: Paul Bruce
; '2013 Aug 20 13:14'
Original size: 800 x 600; 424 kB
"Bushline just below Cone Peak"
Paul Bruce
Influenced by Lynne P 
Photo: Syd Moore
; '2013 May 30 00:39'
Original size: 600 x 800; 544 kB
"Influenced by Lynne P."
Syd Moore

Outdoor landscapes

Almost there mainly through tawa kamahi and mamaku
Photo: Colin Silva De Simas
; '2013 Feb 13 15:59'
Original size: 533 x 800; 507 kB
"Almost there mainly through tawa kamahi and mamaku"
Colin Silva de Simas
Ben Lomond
Photo: Jane Boydon
; '2013 Jan 17 22:55'
Original size: 800 x 450; 385 kB
Winner: "Ben Lomond"
Jane Boydon

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