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Photos 2013-03-09-TTC Presidents Southern Crossing

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We had a great tramp, without significant rain, although the tops were cloudy and windy. Below are Rob Hawley's photos.

Starting at Otaki Forks on Friday evening, we climbed to Field Hut in 2.5 hours; the hut was a welcome sight in the darkness. After breakfast on Saturday, we installed a "Goodnature" possum trap on the west-facing slope below the front deck.

1.jpg: 2560x1920, 2094k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
Field Hut, Saturday morning
2.jpg: 2560x1920, 1711k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
3.jpg: 2560x1920, 2085k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
Near Table Top
4.jpg: 2560x1920, 2000k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
The view south
5.jpg: 2560x1920, 2442k (2014 Jul 21 07:02)
Looking toward Bridge Peak
6.jpg: 2560x1920, 2376k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
Looking back the way we'd come, Paul ensuring there be no stragglers
7.jpg: 2560x1920, 2609k (2014 Jul 21 07:02)
Bridge Peak

As you can see, at Kime Hut we were up in the clouds, with a stiff wind from the north-east. The annual race from Kaitoke to Otaki Forks was on that day. There were we with our packs and tramping boots, and towards us out of the mist came runners with sneakers and camelbacks; it was a bit surreal. We stopped for a breather on Hector.

8.jpg: 2560x1920, 2329k (2014 Jul 21 07:02)
The view from old Kime Hut.
9.jpg: 2560x1920, 2383k (2014 Jul 21 07:02)
Old Kime and New Kime
10.jpg: 2560x1920, 826k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
Rob on Hector
11.jpg: 2560x1920, 2240k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
Andrea on Hector
12.jpg: 2560x1920, 2419k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
The plaque at the cross on Hector
14a.jpg: 2560x1920, 2451k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
On the ridge
15.jpg: 2560x1920, 2457k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
Bull Mound
16.jpg: 2560x1920, 2053k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
Simon, Paul, Andrea and Jane at Bull Mound

We lunched a little later on Atkinson; the weather seemed to clear somewhat as the day progressed. After hours in the wind, Alpha was a welcome sight, but we stopped only briefly to rest and fill water bottles before heading on to Bull Mound to find a campsite. I was sadly disappointed with the quality of the lentil curry and rice that I prepared for the group that evening, but they stoically munched it.

Rob was up early the next morning and caught the sunrise. Sunday was bright and clear, with excellent views all around. We stopped for morning tea at the Tauherenikau river, and installed another possum trap near Cone Hut, later enjoying lunch on the crest of the spur that leads to the Waiohine roadend.

17.jpg: 2560x1920, 1171k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
5.40am Sunday morning
18.jpg: 2560x1920, 1538k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
19.jpg: 2560x1920, 2476k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
Peter at the Bull Mound campsite
19a.jpg: 2560x1920, 2296k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
Looking East
19b.jpg: 2560x1920, 2401k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
From left: Andrea, Jane, Rob, Paul, Andre, Peter, Simon
20.jpg: 2560x1920, 2405k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
A view of yesterday's route
21.jpg: 2560x1920, 2668k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
Morning tea
22.jpg: 2560x1920, 2574k (2014 Jul 21 07:01)
Simon and Andrea at Cone Hut

This was a great tramp that was enjoyed by all. Thank you Paul,

Peter Barber.

Creative Commons License These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works
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Creative Commons License These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works
3.0 New Zealand License

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