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TTC Photo competition 2012

Tuesday 2nd October 2012

Many thanks to everyone who entered photos in last year's TTC Photo Competition, and congratulations to the category winners and runners-up; David Grainger, David Ogilvie, Jane Boydon, Jannette Roberts, Peter Barber, Peter Smith, and Trish Gardiner. Please have a look at their photos in the 2011-Photo Competition Results page.

This years competition will be held on Tuesday October 2nd. Entries close on September 18th. We're keeping our competition rules in line those of the FMC, and as before, both the winner and the first runner-up of each category will be eligible to enter the FMC Photo competition next year.

Photos entered should ideally reflect tramping or other TTC activities.





NATIVE FLORA OR FAUNA (NFF) no people in these photos !

OUTDOOR LANDSCAPES (OLS) no people in these photos !

So as to get more people's work into the final night's viewing, entrants may make one entry in each category. In past years it has sometimes been difficult to keep the competition event within the time constraints of clubnight, so we are limited in the number of entries that can be displayed.

All entries (except in Historic category) must:

  • Be submitted electronically with a file size between 500kB and 5MB as .jpg files. Less than 500kB and the quality is unlikely to match that of the other entries; larger than 5MB, well you have to draw a line somewhere. The only digital manipulation permitted is cropping, straightening, sharpening and tonal or exposure adjustments.
  • Panoramic stitched images are acceptable provided the only manipulation other than stitching is cropping, straightening, sharpening and tonal or exposure adjustments.
  • Be taken since 1 January 2011 by a member of the club, and may not have won awards in any other photographic competition.
  • Entries in the Historic category can be submitted as original prints (these will be returned) or scanned and submitted electronically. If scanned they should be at least 600 pixels on each dimension.

IMPORTANT !!! Please name all electronic files strictly according to the format below:

CATEGORY CODE-Photographer-Caption.jpg (it must be a jpg file) see above for the category codes. (Please adhere to this format, it make the work of collation much less time consuming). eg: ABL-Bloggs-Mt Smith.jpg

Entries close on Tuesday 18th September. Digital entries, clearly labeled, can be emailed (ttc-photo-competition [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz ). Photo CDs and Prints, well-labeled and packaged, can be given to Peter Barber at a meeting.

Any queries? Please ring Peter Barber on (04) 973 2254 or email ttc-photo-competition [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz .

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