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Photos 2012-Photo Competition Results

2011-Photo Competition Results < Photos > 2013-Photo Competition Results - the results of the 2012 TTC Photo Competition, held 2nd October, judge Alan Knowles

Many thanks go to this year's entrants, and to our judge this year, Alan Knowles. The winners received stretched canvas prints of their work from The Big Picture, and each winner has the right to be entered in the Federated Mountain Clubs Photo competition in 2013.

Alan led us through all the entries, explaining the faults and merits of each in turn. He gave us a demonstration of how to use Irfanview, a freeware tool, to improve and edit photographic images. Often the results of his changes were dramatic improvements. This year's results are:

Above the Bush Line

  • Winner "Ruapehu's crater lake smoking away" - Andre Lazelle

Below the Bush Line

  • Winner "The waterfall - Which way to cross it" - Peter Smith

Hut and Camp Life

  • Winner "Fun in the snow cave" - Andre Lazelle


  • Winner "Clean green and in between 1970s" - Peter Radcliffe

Native Flora and Fauna

  • Winner: "Drosera" - Vivienne Radcliffe

Outdoor Landscapes

  • Winner "Last Light on Ngauruhoe" - Alan Graham

Above the bushline

ABL-Andre Lazelle-Ruapehus crater lake smoking away.jpg: 1108x488, 319k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"Ruapehu's crater lake smoking away"
Andre Lazelle
ABL-Lynne Pomare - Whiff of Sulphur between East Holdsworth and Holdsworth summit.jpg: 1108x831, 922k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"Whiff of Sulphur, between East Holdsworth and Holdsworth summit"
Lynne Pomare
ABL-Peter Smith-Bald Cone Stewart Island.jpg: 563x378, 157k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"Bald Cone, Stewart Island"
Peter Smith

Below the bushline

BBL-Lynne Pomare-Cloud Forest Neil Saddle Feb 2011.jpg: 1108x831, 1031k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"Cloud Forest Neil Saddle Feb 2011"
Lynne Pomare
BBL-Peter Smith-The waterfall - Which way to cross it.jpg: 1108x744, 889k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"The waterfall - Which way to cross it"
Peter Smith
BBL-Peter Whiteford-WhirinakiTrack.jpg: 1210x798, 1079k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"Whirinaki Track"
Peter Whiteford

Hut or camp life

HCL-Andre Lazelle-Fun in the snow cave.jpg: 1108x713, 665k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"Fun in the snow cave"
Andre Lazelle
HCL-Peter Whiteford-Sunny Socks.jpg: 1229x922, 1150k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"Sunny Socks"
Peter Whiteford
HCL-Susi Lang-view of Mt Pollux from my tent.jpg: 1200x1600, 1875k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"View of Mt Pollux from my tent"
Susi Lang


HIS-David Ogilvie-Mountain House.jpg: 342x230, 83k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"Mountain House"
David Ogilvie
HIS-Peter Radcliffe-clean green and in between 1970s.jpg: 1108x831, 1014k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"Clean green and in between 1970s.jpg"
Peter Radcliffe
HIS-Stuart Hudson-Copeland Pass Dec1968.jpg: 994x1476, 1084k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"Copeland Pass Dec 1968"
Stuart Hudson

Native flora and fauna

NFF-Susi Lang-Mount Cook Lilies_1.jpg: 1200x1600, 1485k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"Mount Cook Lilies"
Susi Lang
NFF-Vivienne Radcliffe-Drosera.jpg: 1108x831, 1078k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
Vivienne Radcliffe

Outdoor landscapes

OLS-Alan Graham-Last Light on Ngauruhoe.jpg: 1108x566, 449k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"Last Light on Ngauruhoe"
Alan Graham
OLS-Christine Whiteford-Crossing to the East.jpg: 1229x922, 1031k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"Crossing to the East"
Christine Whiteford
OLS-Peter Barber-Aluvial Fan Debris.jpg: 1108x688, 802k (2014 Jul 21 06:56)
"Aluvial Fan Debris"
Peter Barber

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