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Photos 2012-11-08-Rolleston


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2012-10-25-Syaokang < Photos > 2012-12-01-Morison Bush Photos from a couple of good days at Arthur's Pass

November 7-9 2012

Low, high peaks crossed in fab snow conditions from biv on Rome Ridge. Descended Crow Glacier to hut and next day, traversed Avalanche Pk to exit

Party: Dave Grainger, Stu Hutson, Hayden Richards

Photos by Stu Hutson and Hayden Richards

DSC03742.jpg: 3264x2176, 1889k (2014 Jul 21 06:51)
Hayden and Dave dug a bivvy platform on Rome Ridge
DSC03744.jpg: 3264x2176, 1514k (2014 Jul 21 06:51)
In the platform with low peak of Mt Rolleston rising behind
DSC03747.jpg: 3264x2176, 1848k (2014 Jul 21 06:51)
Stu was making dinner and cups of tea!
DSC03748.jpg: 3264x2176, 1875k (2014 Jul 21 06:51)
Another classic Stu-in-the-headlights portrait
DSC03749.jpg: 3264x2176, 1827k (2014 Jul 21 06:51)
Hayden on the low peak of Mt Rolleston
DSC03750.jpg: 3264x2176, 1761k (2014 Jul 21 06:51)
Dave on Mt Rolleston
DSC03751.jpg: 3264x2176, 1926k (2014 Jul 21 06:51)
On the Crow glacier, checking how to get descend to the Crow river valley
DSC03754.jpg: 3264x2176, 1743k (2014 Jul 21 06:51)
Crow Glacier looking back towards the high peak ridgeline
DSC03755.jpg: 3264x2176, 1985k (2014 Jul 21 06:51)
Mt Rolleston from the Crow valley
DSC03756.jpg: 3264x2176, 1567k (2014 Jul 21 06:51)
Dave in the Crow valley after a long day
DSC03762.jpg: 3264x2176, 2140k (2014 Jul 21 06:51)
Dave and Hayden climbing Mt Avalanche with Rolleston in the background
PB070004.jpg: 3216x4288, 3036k (2014 Jul 21 06:52)
Going up Rome Ridge on Wednesday afternoon
PB080012.jpg: 3216x4288, 2825k (2014 Jul 21 06:51)
Climbing the final steep ridge to Low Peak
PB080014.jpg: 3216x4288, 2832k (2014 Jul 21 06:52)
PB080016.jpg: 4288x3216, 2904k (2014 Jul 21 06:52)
Dave looking at the middle and high peaks
PB080021.jpg: 3216x4288, 2719k (2014 Jul 21 06:52)
Stu on the high peak
PB080023.jpg: 4288x3216, 2843k (2014 Jul 21 06:52)
On the Crow Glacier
PB080029.jpg: 4288x3216, 2871k (2014 Jul 21 06:52)
Descending past the Crow icefall in the shadows
PB080030.jpg: 4288x3216, 3113k (2014 Jul 21 06:52)
Dropping through debris slides to the Crow valley
PB090048.jpg: 4288x3216, 3091k (2014 Jul 21 06:52)
The ridge connecting Avalanche Peak to 'The Gap'
PB090052.jpg: 4288x3216, 3074k (2014 Jul 21 06:52)
Descending from Avalanche Peak
PB090057.jpg: 4288x3216, 3154k (2014 Jul 21 06:52)
PB090058.jpg: 4288x3216, 3156k (2014 Jul 21 06:52)
Another great Arthurs Pass climb!

Creative Commons License These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works
3.0 New Zealand License

Creative Commons License These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works
3.0 New Zealand License

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