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Photos 2012-08-16-Upper Tasman Glacier Skifield


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2012-07-28-Tapuae O Uenuku < Photos > 2012-09-23-Murchison A TTC trip to Aoraki Mt Cook to ski the Tasman Glacier, August 11-19 2012

Waiting in the Two Thumb Range, we broke gear in heavy wet easterly snow. Then the window opened and we seized our chance to fly into Tasman Saddle hut, where we were delighted to find 60cm of fresh dry snow, no crust and three days of bluebird skies.

The party was David Grainger (leader), Rob Hawes, Cherie Marshall and Daniel Rogerson.

P1020718 - v2.jpg: 1024x520, 205k (2014 Jul 21 06:48)
Dave, Rob, Daniel and Cherie at Mt Cook airport
P1020718.jpg: 1024x655, 300k (2014 Jul 21 06:48)
Three were excited, one was nervous
P1020721.jpg: 1024x541, 173k (2014 Jul 21 06:48)
Great views of east faces of Aoraki during flight up valley
P1020735.jpg: 1024x739, 297k (2014 Jul 21 06:48)
Rob finishes digging a path down to Tassy Saddle hut door
P1020737.jpg: 1024x981, 369k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Cherie's first time on the big glacier
P1020749.jpg: 1024x576, 156k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Nice first run of our trip was on slopes under Aylmer
P1020753.jpg: 1024x465, 124k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
View from near Tasman Saddle
P1020757.jpg: 1024x472, 119k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Seracs under Tasman Saddle Hut
P1020760.jpg: 1024x576, 132k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Hochstetter Dome
P1020762.jpg: 1024x576, 72k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Pre-dawn as seen at the hut
P1020770.jpg: 1024x576, 147k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Sidling the powder on our way to Kelman hut
P1020780.jpg: 1024x575, 222k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Cherie about to cruise 7km down the Tasman glacier
P1020785.jpg: 1024x649, 203k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Rob near Darwin Corner
P1020788.jpg: 1024x677, 205k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
The prospect of the return skin!
P1020803.jpg: 1024x603, 265k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Cherie with Aoraki Mt Cook in the far distance
P1020804.jpg: 1024x576, 175k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Exploring serac field near Tasman Saddle Hut
P1020806.jpg: 763x1024, 166k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Dave having sidestepping fun
P1020807.jpg: 576x1024, 136k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Towers of ice
P1020810.jpg: 683x1024, 162k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Cherie can't quite believe she's here
P1020814.jpg: 1024x576, 209k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Another day another run, with Rob and Dan
P1020818.jpg: 1024x489, 188k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Seeing Mt Annan from Hochstetter slopes
P1020822.jpg: 1024x493, 115k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Rob and Dan and the west coast
P1020823.jpg: 1024x683, 213k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
and with Mts Green and Walter
P1020825.jpg: 697x1024, 260k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Dan and Dave about to ski Hochstetter slopes
P1020827.jpg: 1024x624, 198k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
All our tracks - no-one else here
P1020828.jpg: 1024x576, 181k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
P1020879.jpg: 1024x682, 305k (2014 Jul 21 06:49)
Another successful TTC trip to Mt Cook region.

Creative Commons License These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works
3.0 New Zealand License

Creative Commons License These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works
3.0 New Zealand License

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