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Photos 2011-12-06-Cook

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2011-11-25-Morison Bush < Photos > 2012-01-12-Climbing The Nuns Veil Photos from Mt Cook November 2011

Trip report

Absail.jpg: 701x800, 101k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Steve Dowall abseiling towards Zurbriggens ridge with the Grand Plateau and Tasman Glacier in the background
Anzacs.jpg: 800x534, 283k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Simon, Richard and Matt in this picture taken by Stu Hutson on ANZAC peaks
Backdown.jpg: 669x800, 99k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Just returned after a 15 hour plus day, Stu and Steve welcomed by Rob with cups of tea
Backdown2.jpg: 800x534, 250k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Dave out of the hut for the first time after two days of storms
Backdown3.jpg: 800x534, 289k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
A nice day playing around on the ridge between Plateau hut and Mt Dixon
Belay.jpg: 800x534, 272k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Simon belaying from a position on the Mt Cook summit rocks at approx 3400m
GoingOut.jpg: 800x534, 489k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
During the walkout: at the foot of the Boys Glacier and about to descend scree to the Tasman moraines
GoingOut2.jpg: 800x393, 36k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Southerly severe gales transport snow over Mt Cook on the walk out day
GoingOut3.jpg: 800x534, 505k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Descending to the Tasman Glacier with Mt Malte Brun on the horizon
GoingOut4.jpg: 800x534, 460k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Almost down where the Ball Glacier joins the Tasman Glacier
Heading_to_the_plateau.jpg: 800x534, 504k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
View of the Hochstetter Icefall during the helicopter flight in
High.jpg: 800x450, 62k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Looking south to the high peak of Aoraki Mt Cook
Jumble.jpg: 800x445, 45k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Looking into the Hochstetter icefall in the afternoon
Showtime.jpg: 800x608, 75k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Showtime! Richard Davidson ready to head out of Plateau hut at 1am to climb Aoraki Mt Cook
Tasman.jpg: 800x534, 376k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
View of the Tasman Glacier with De La Beche rising away in the centre
Tasman2.jpg: 800x534, 264k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
The eastern faces of Mt Tasman and Lendenfeld and, on the right, Mt Dixon.
TheTop.jpg: 800x534, 273k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Stu Hutson and Simon Bell on the summit of Mt Cook
TheTop2.jpg: 800x450, 72k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Steve Dowall on the summit of Mt Cook
Top3.jpg: 800x450, 74k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Dave Grainger on the summit of Mt Cook
View.jpg: 800x534, 419k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Looking south-west from Mt Cook towards Mt Aspiring
View2.jpg: 800x534, 432k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Looking down to the Grand Plateau from the foot of the summit rocks, Mt Cook
View3.jpg: 800x529, 381k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Looking north to Mt Tasman during the ascent of Mt Cook
drop_off.jpg: 800x367, 39k (2014 Jul 21 06:46)
Rob descending from a practice climb on the ANZAC peaks with the Grand Plateau and Hochstetter icefall below

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