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Photos 2008-03-08-Taranaki

2007-12-01-Arthurs-Pass < Photos > 2008-06-14-Turoa-2-Whakapapa-and-back Photos and Report from Rock Climbing on the Organ Pipes

02IMG_2351.jpg: 800x600, 65k (2014 Jul 21 06:35)
Breakfast at the carpark
03_First_Climb_Federico.jpg: 800x600, 60k (2014 Jul 21 06:35)
Heading up Organ Pipe Valley
04_First_Climb_BY_Frederico.jpg: 600x800, 66k (2014 Jul 21 06:35)
First Climb of the day by Federico
05 Getting_to_the_top_of_Left_Of_Nostril.jpg: 600x800, 49k (2014 Jul 21 06:35)
Fed gets to the top of Left Of Nostil
06 Stu_climbing_in_the_mists.jpg: 600x800, 40k (2014 Jul 21 06:35)
Stu climbing in the mist
07 Stu getting to the top of DR Rock.jpg: 600x800, 38k (2014 Jul 21 06:35)
Stu getting to the top of DR Rock
08 Fed After a full on Hot Rod.jpg: 600x800, 54k (2014 Jul 21 06:35)
Fed after a full on Hot Rod
08 Fed makes it to the top.jpg: 600x800, 53k (2014 Jul 21 06:35)
Fed makes it to the top
08 Fed starting Hot Rod.jpg: 600x800, 63k (2014 Jul 21 06:35)
Starting on Hot Rod
11 Sunrise.jpg: 800x600, 14k (2014 Jul 21 06:35)
13 Sorting out breakfast.jpg: 800x600, 99k (2014 Jul 21 06:35)
Sorting out breakfast

Climbing and Mountaineering Mt Taranaki

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