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Tararua Tramping Club

Celebrating 100 years of tramping

Governance Role Secretary

Role description: Secretary

Date last updated: 1 January 2004

What the job achieves for the Club (results)

It manages the subscriptions monies of the club Activities involve:

  • Processing subscription monies
  • Writing out receipts
  • Banking the subscriptions
  • Writing out FMC card and send this with the Tramper

Suitable skills and experience for the job

  • Carefulness, exactness and being thorough
  • Experience

What the job involves (tasks)

  • Open mail and check cheques
  • Write out receipt for each member
  • Write out a FMC card for each member
  • Complete a master sheet provided by the role Secretary
  • This records FMC Card number, receipt date and number any payments for Tararua Hut
  • Get FMC cards, folded and in alphabetical order to person sending out Tramper
  • Bank cheques and Cash
  • Liase with Treasurer re banking
  • In September, ring all members who have not paid their subscriptions

Special timelines/dates

  • See above for September and Tramper deadlines

Special equipment needed

  • None

Legal requirements

  • None

Authorities (financial and other)

(What the office holder has permission or authority to do without asking General Committee)

  • None

Things that need approval from General Committee

  • None

Coordinator liaison

  • The Coordinator for this position would be the Treasurer and report, as needed, to the General Committee


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