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Governance Role Roll Secretary

Role description: Roll Secretary

Date last updated: 29th February 2004

What the job achieves for the Club (results)

  • Reduces the workload of the Secretary by taking on delegated authority to maintain a register of club members.
  • The keeping of the roll, which would otherwise be done by the Secretary: facilitates mailings to members & trip leaders, leader details on fixture card, subscription gathering and membership enquiries.

Suitable skills and experience for the job

  • Knowledge & understanding of the process flows involved in membership changes.
  • Manage a database or spreadsheet type system
  • Availability & Reliability monthly production of labels
  • Ability to liaise with and understand needs of other Club officers (distribution, secretary, webmaster, tramper editor)

What the job involves (tasks)

  • Record details from applications for membership as accepted at each GC meeting; pass applications and roll entry detail to new membership coordinator for cross checking and notification of new members.
  • Update details of members to reflect any notified changes, including resignations.
  • Print labels for distribution of club publications. This includes for distribution to non members (e.g. other clubs), for which reason details of those are also kept in the roll.
    Timing and breakdown into groupings (always post, with/without FMC, fixture card etc) coordinated with publications distribution officer generally for last (sometimes first) Tuesday of the month (Feb-Dec)
  • Provide the list of published member names and telephone numbers (annually). This is usually done soon after removal from the roll of members deemed to have resigned for not paying subs; should go out with December (optimistically November) Tramper.
  • Provide the list of "published" email addresses to the webmaster (as needed).
  • Assist the Subscriptions Treasurer in preparing subscription notices and tracking subscription payments and in advising GC of those whose membership should be terminated for non payment.

Subscription notices must be ready to go with June Tramper.

  • Provide a record of membership numbers in each category as at the end of the Club year to the membership through the Annual Report. This to be done as soon as practical in June (after processing any already notified end of year resignations).
  • Provide the fixture card committee with the details of members necessary to prepare the fixture card and periodically provide updated details so trip leaders can be mailed.
  • Answer requests for contact details of members (mainly by telephone).
  • Provide supper duty list to editor of Tramper.
  • Ensure the secretary has access to a backup of the roll details.

Special timelines/dates

  • As identified in tasks above.

Special equipment needed

Although previously a paper & "addressograph" system has been used, a "personal computer" system (or similar) is effectively essential for maintaining role and printing labels (or envelopes).

Legal requirements

  • As an Incorporated Society TTC is required to maintain a register of ceratin details of its members.
  • The confidentiality of members' details and the purpose for which they was given must be respected and considered when releasing/using information from the roll. With any sensitive information a precautionary approach should be taken.

Authorities (financial and other)

(What the office holder has permission or authority to do without asking General Committee)

  • Purchase of labels cost should already be included in the general budget.
  • After taking into account privacy issues, release of members' details to other members as required at reasonable request (e.g. member request for another's telephone number; paper or electronic report of all current names/addresses/telephone numbers for fixture card administration, annual listing of members telephone numbers).
  • To refuse to supply details of member(s) to any other organisation or its representative or for purposes unrelated to the Club.

Things that need approval from General Committee

  • Requests for details outside the scope of Authorities(2) may be referred to GC but approval to release those details would generally not be expected or wanted.

Coordinator liaison

  • Liaison coordinator must get details of any relevant membership changes (some may only be proposed or requested at that stage) which may have come directly to the roll secretary (i.e. would otherwise be unknown to GC) prior to monthly GC meeting
  • Liaison coordinator must any provide forms from successful applicants for membership after each GC meeting together with details of any other membership changes notified to or made by GC at the meeting.
  • Liaison coordinator to provide subscription detail and any special detail for subscription notices.
  • Whether via the Liaison coordinator or otherwise the roll details and application forms for new members has to be passed to the new member coordinator to cross check and arrange for their welcome as a new member.


The roll secretary is involved in several overall processes and as for other ones it is important that once "job descriptions" are complete for all positions someone (the relevant coordinator(s) on the first new GC ?) follows through to ensure the descriptions are consistent (eg no missing or duplicated tasks) with the process.

As an example in terms of membership I see a direct relationship and process flow:

  • Rules define membership criteria & GC policy provides discretional detail
  • that is reflected in TTC advertising (printed, online etc) and application form.
  • prospective member fills form
  • proposer/seconder introduce to president & chief guide
  • chief guide brings application to GC meeting .. approved (or rejected)
  • subs $ to treasurer & application form to roll secretary at this stage all the previous scrutiny ensures form is complete
  • roll secretary enters detail into roll. A copy of that detail and the signed off application form goes to new membership coordinator
  • new membership coordinator cross checks detail & form.
  • new membership coordinator contacts new member, prepares new member "handout" and coordinates presidential presentation of that

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