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Governance Role Publicity Officer

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Role description: Publicity officer

Date last updated: April 2020
Current holder: Vacancy -> mailto:ttc-publicity [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on 021 0249 3085

What the job achieves for the Club (results)

  • Attracts new members
  • Ensures the club's activities are well known to members and the wider public
  • Increases participation in club activities
  • Increases the use of club facilities, particularly the hall including hall hire, and Tararua Lodge
  • Ensures that the club brand reflects club objects
  • Ensures the club takes advantage of suitable opportunities to promote club activities
  • Enables publicity for the club to be consistent and of a high standard
  • Ensures appropriate messaging within the club rooms especially for visitors and new members

Suitable skills and experience for the job

  • Ability to identify opportunities for publicity and plan and execute publicity
  • Previous experience with publicity useful
  • Experience with TTC on Facebook and TTC on Twitter an advantage, but not necessary
  • Requires use of TTC email address and Google Workspace
  • Assist with and use the TTC communications email group

What the job involves (tasks)

  • Work with the Adventure Coordinator to publicise our trips
  • Work with the Social Committee and clubnight organisers to ensure club nights are well publicised
  • Work with the Webteam to ensure the website is up to date
  • Work with the Tararua Tramper editor to publicise the club
  • Ensure communication channels are well utilised
  • Use email groups
  • Manage the club brand, logo, and colours to ensure consistency and refresh as necessary
  • identify opportunities to publicise club activities to appropriate audience
  • Arrange publicity material and publication of that material, e.g. to public libraries, outdoor stores, TTC's communication channels
  • Follow up and report on results of publicity through the General Committee liaison monthly
  • Oversee notice board content and other material on display within the hall to ensure the club presents an appropriate image to visitors and new members
  • Identify all other publicity material used within club e.g website material, etc and organise changes to ensure a consistent and high standard presentation of the club
  • Refer any press inquiries requesting club comment to the President
  • Report to General Committee through the Communications Co-ordinator on activities
  • creating a budget and five year plan with the Communications Co-ordinator for General Committee

Special timelines/dates

Be aware of standing activity dates that require promotion such as Bushcraft, Alpine Instruction, Winter Activities, Photo Competition, Life and 50 year members night, Christmas finale, and New Members Evening

Special equipment needed

  • internet access
  • preferably a laptop or desktop computer

Legal requirements

Authorities (financial and other)

(What the office holder has permission or authority to do without asking General Committee)

  • reponsibility for a publicity budget as approved in budget and five year plan

Things that need approval from General Committee

  • Spending outside budgetted approval
  • Media releases to be signed off by President, Vice President, or Secretary

Coordinator liaison

The holder of this position would

  • Liaise with the Communications and ICT Co-ordinators on General Committee
Role description Governance

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