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Governance Role Portfolio Liaison

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Role description: Portfolio liaison on General Committee

What the job achieves for the Club (results)

  • Representing the portfolio officer/convenor on General Committee.
  • Liaising between the officer/convenor and General Committee so that each are kept informed. For example the office holder knows his/her budget and plan, General Committee gets regular reports, office holder is informed of any change of policy, any General Committee approvals are provided when needed.
  • The office holder feels supported, valued and part of the wider administration of the club.

Suitable skills and experience for the job

  • no specific skills or experience
  • enjoy communicating with other club members using a mix of face-to-face, email, telephone
  • some coordinating skills and a willingness to do tasks on time
  • can clearly distinguish the boundary between the office holder's job and the coordinators job

What the job involves (tasks)

  • delivering regular, brief and succinct reports from the office holder to G/C
  • communicating General Committee policy to the office holder
  • ensuring the office holder has a budget (if this is part of their job description)
  • helping office holder to set their annual budget or finding someone who can assist in this area if this is needed
  • ensuring that the office holder knows what authority they have and when authority for decisions is needed from G/C
  • raising issues with General Committee when a policy change may be required
  • making sure that the office holder has the resources (equipment, funding and members) needed to do the job
  • convening at least one meeting per year for all office holders within one cluster to identify opportunities to link activities/information/resources within one cluster and across clusters
  • advising the Secretary to add item to General Committee Agenda if office holder wishes to attend next G/C Committee Meeting

Special timelines/dates

  • deadline for annual reports
  • other depending on office holders job

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